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Kitten Head Count!

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Well I told everybody we were thinking of getting rid of a few of the kittens because 13 is TO MANY for the fur-mom to handle. Between my paying job and volunteer work I couldn't find time for everything. So we sadly adopted out:


which leaves 6 in the house, because Tiger and Charisma are kept outside (mostly in the enclosure if Charisma doesn't go bonkers). Which is decent, I also told hubby no more for now. We just can't balance everybody and 2 large breed dogs in the same house. So all together we now have 8 cats and 2 dogs, instead of 13 cats and 2 dogs. It was really hard adopting them out, but it was harder seeing them not get enough attention. I got a job at a Vet Clinic, making decent money, and I volunteer for at the local humane society. THEN (lol) on top of it all I’ve been the local TNR mom on the block. I've done about 9-11 so far? Give or take, so yeah there breeding like bunnies. I kept them in the enclosure for 3-6 days after the vet visit due to the stitches. I got hissed at, bit at and more lol, got to love safety cloves and a net hehe. Saving the place 1 litter at a time .

I've been pretty busy and that causes lack of time on her, but I try and get on as much as I can. I've started putting claw caps on the kitty's hehe, it went so rudely . Cookie and Dillon were they WORST. They even tried biting, they hate there paws being handled (snots) lol. But I’m tired of replacing pieces of wood, furniture, CURTAINS etc. Look for me else where for more updates.
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I find that to be a very unselfish thing to do. You found them homes where they can have enought love and attention. I know how you feel, most of us have a limit where we feel after that it becomes just more mouths to feed instead of having enought time, attention, and love to go around. My personal limit is 4. More than that, I become overwhelmed. If it is an emergency situation, I will foster until a home can be found, keeping more that 4 is out of the question for me.
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lol, yeah 8 has became my limit of cats. But i can split care with my husband when he's home, and there not as a space demanding as our dogs. Also when you have more than 1 cat there pretyt much entertain there self's. I just like being able to give them all enough attention to stay very affectionate and people friendly.
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