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Killer Plants

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I was just wondering how you know if a plant is dangerous for cats. I have a gerber daisy, a daylily and an elephant ear, and I have been reading about plants hurting cats and I don't want that to happen.
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Here is a great site that lists plants that are toxic and non-toxic to our kitties.

Here is a list of toxic plants:

And here is a list of non-toxic plants:

Hope you find this site as helpful as I do!

Here is another:
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I just avoid having plants in the house all together.

My cats are plant disecting machines, so even safe ones wouldn't be safe from the cats.
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I pretty much decided to avoid live plants too, unless I can put them on the mantle which is the only surface they can't get on top of. There are too many plants that are toxic to cats.
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For us its just easier not to have any plants. Our cats would devour them without a second thought. The only plant we would have is that sweet grass but thats for cats anyways...

Just make sure if you have any plants that your cat can't get to them.
Whether they are toxic or not, your cat will be curious.
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