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my kitten is crazy!

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alright, so i have a new kitten. she's about ten weeks old, her name is sparkle and she's very cute anyhow, i've never had a kitten before. all of the other cats that i have had i've gotten when they were at least a year old, so this may be kind of a stupid question, but i'm new so bare with me!

anyhow, sparkle is like... completely insane. she's a very very sweet and affectionate kitten but she's crazy! she has so much freaking energy, she'll run around for like... 3 hours and then sleep for about a half hour and it's just a cycle of this all day, then she'll sleep for like... 4 hours or so at night. is this normal?

also, how do you discipline a kitten? like, how do you let them know if they are doing something bad? i've read that you can have a spray bottle and spray them if they are bad, so i tried this with sparkle... she thinks it's a game and tries to attack the spray bottle.

so yeah, any advice would be much appreciated
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Sparkles' behavior is completely normal for a kitten. The behavior you are describing is referred to by many here as "psycho kitty".

You can't really discipline a kitten/cat. They are behaving like a cat. Spray bottles, etc. don't really work. If she is doing something inappropriate, especially attacking/biting while trying to play, you can very firmly say "NO!" to her and move away from her. They can learn that certain behaviors get them attention, and others don't. If she is in full out "psycho kitty" mode, you can confine her to a separate room for a while so she can calm down (this can take a while).

Many of these behaviors will lessen as she grows up (and she will sleep more than 4 hours at night!). Welcome to the joys of kittenhood; in many ways, it's like having a baby!
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She is just being a kitten, they are pretty much all like that unless they are ill!

Spend a lot of time playing with her to tire her out, wand toys will keep your hands well away from the action. Please don't spray her, I think it's counterproductive as they don't actually learn anything from it (it shocks/scares/angers them so they are distracted from what they are doing, but because there's no reward involved it doesn't teach them anything) and if she gets water in her ears she could get an ear infection. If she is being too crazy tell her no and put her on the floor, and praise her and give healthy treats when she is being good, you have to be patient with her though as her attention span is short at that age! Kittens are absolute rascals, if you've never had one before it should be an interesting experience! Totally exhausting little creatures
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I completely agree. Our 9 week old has seemingly boundless energy The only thing that works at that age is removing her from whatever she is doing wrong, and removing her again and again... We have another kitten a wee bit older and he started responding to me saying 'no' firmly at around 4 months, he's now 5 months and now I can just look cross at him and he quits. He's finally starting to show a little sense!!
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Yup, agreeing with all other answers.

Your kitten is acting the normal amount of healthy crazy.
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I agree with all of the post above. I was the same way when we got Oscar. Try getting him either a laser, or a flashlight. Maybe some balls. A cat scratcher
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