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my little female kitty loves having her nails clipped, she purrs like a princess, but I only do the fronts, I've had her for a month, and no problems. Do you need to do the backs?? she doesn't scratch things with her backs and they help her climb the kitty condo.
I also adopted with her a male siamese who was (MUCH TO MY DISMAY) declawed (didn't stop me from rescuing him though!), I haven't bothered with his backs either and I don't think he'd be too happy if I tried
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The only time I do the back claws is when they get long enough to get caught on things or my husband complains about being scratched when they jump off his lap. My older cat does get it more often because you can hear her clicking on the floor.
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I check once a week and trim as needed (front and back) - the back doesn't need clipped as often but you still should handle the feet and do them as needed.

Even if the one is declawed, the back ones still need to be clipped so handle him as well.
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