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Interesting Behaviour..any insight?

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I was just curious about a behaviour of my 7 year old siamese. I adopted him a little over a month ago now and he does something very curious. He will climb up onto my (or whoevers chest) and start suckling/licking/nibbling your ears while massaging your face/neck with his paws and purring VERY loudly. It is really ticklish and hilarious, he never bites or anything. The only thing I can think of is that maybe he was weaned early, or hand raised? I have no insights about his past really other then he only had one other owner before he went to the shelter (she got very sick and couldn't take care of the cats) so I don't know if my guesses are right. I'm just curious what this is.........
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Its called smurgerling! I own 4 Siamese and they all do it.. "smurgling" is kneading some part of a person's body or clothing while simultaneously nuzzling, licking or sucking..I think its a sign of affection..
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haha wow! you learn something new everyday! my DSH kneads my tummy a lot, but she doesn't do the licking part.
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I had a tabby when I was a kid who did that his whole life. We adopted him from a shelter when he was about 6 months old. The first time I held him at the shelter, he climbed up my chest, started suckling my ears, and kneading away at my chest and shoulder while purring up a storm. Who could say no to that!?!? He was my baby, and always did this to me, but no one else. I always took it as a sign of affection.
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Kittens knead mother's breast to get the milk flowing. Many adult cats will still do kneading and suckling behaviors, but if it's excessive, it's most likely because they were taken away from their mothers too early, before they were weaned. If it's bothering you, just tell your cat "No!!" and push him away. But I'd suggest just allowing them to do it, as it can be a form of bonding.
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