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Curtain Climbing

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I'm sure you've all heard this one before so I'll make it short.

Curtain climbing, how do I stop it? Smudge found the joy in it yesterday and I'd like to stop it before he thinks it's all okay.

(Tried clapping and saying "No" loudly but to no avail)

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Ah yes it is great fun, so you have to be patient and consistent! Just gently pick him off the curtain, tell him No, and put him back on the floor.

I remember the first visit I made to Sonic's breeder to choose a kitten... she made us a cup of tea and then took up position next to the window and dealt with 6 little curtain-climbing kittens in exactly this manner, one at a time plucking them off the curtains, a gentle NO, and putting them on the floor. It honestly looked as if she were battling against a never ending tide of kittens! But by the time of our second visit a couple of weeks later, there was not a single kitten trying to get on the curtains
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Usually those methods work - they did for my rex kittens! Anyway I'd take the cat off the curtains and tap the paws lightly and tell them NO in a very firm voice.

Or have the squirt bottle handy and aim for the butt and use NO in a firm voice.

And keep the nails trimmed - that way they can't really get ahold of the curtains to climb them. How old is the kitten?
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They're about 4 months.
We haven't attempted nail cutting yet, they use their scratchposts regularily, is it still necessary?
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Yes - I start nail clipping at 3 weeks old - you should establish a grooming rountine and nail trimming on a weekly basis. At least check and clip as necessary twice a week. On the days you don't clip, handle their feet without nail clippers so they will not fight you so much. Early you start nail clipping the better you will be.

It will also stop them from climbing the curtains so much.
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