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Rhani the pup

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I know this is the third thread i've made today, but i needed to add all my updates and forgot to do them in one go. Sorry

Last Sunday morning before we were ready to head off Tristan came in and told me that Rhani had a seizure and vomited the night before, and that Wendy was so worried about making a decision on what to do (she used to be a vet tech but she has to make all the decisions as Tristan's sis cant handle those sort of situations and he and his dad work all day. Being that she is an old pup (about 15) with cataracts, arthritis, is deaf etc, any sort of operation would most likely kill her. When she is on arthiritis meds she can be bouncy, but she still isn't stable enough for surgery.

She went to the vet Friday and it was looking like she wasn't going to come back home it turns out she most likely a brain tumour, shes only ever had one seizure a couple of weeks ago then nothing before that, so it is new. Even if the money is spent to do a biopsy or something in her brain, there is nothing that can be done due to her age and it's better off us not knowing.

We have to keep an eye on her, to make sure the these seizures do not become longer or more occuring. The vet said that she isn't an unhappy pup, and that she is unconcious during the episodes, so they aren't harming her.

Can i just have good thoughts and prayers, that she will be ok? She has come close a few times to being pts, she is very lucky.

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Hope all is ok soon!
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hope everything is ok soon
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Poor little one... whatever happens, I hope she never feels any pain.
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Many for Rhani!! Hope shes ok.
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Sending lots of . I hope she is better soon!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Sending lots of . I hope she is better soon!
Well being that she is old, and it's most likely brain cancer..i don't think getting better is going to happen. Atm she is ok but have to make sure the seizures don't get more severe.

But thanks for your vibes. She seems to be a happy bouncy puppy on her meds and doesnt realise what shes going through
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