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I'm back and guess what...

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Well we got back a few hours ago. I'm so tired, and brain is so sore from too much stuff (councelling, moods going up and down etc, very blah)

I took a few hundred pics, but chose just a few to give you an idea of what we saw. We also went to the open range zoo, the pictures are elsewhere atm so hopefully i will get them next week.

Way too many threads to catch up on, hope you missed me

Werribee South beach, the park we stayed at was a minutes walk from the sand. Views of Port Phillip Bay

Chirnside Mansion built by two Scottish squatters & brothers (about a 10 min drive from the park) The rooms are set up with the original furniture and decorations so you can see what the rooms were like back then. The mansion was completed in 1877, and to give you an idea of its size, it has 60 rooms and is set on 400 hectares (used to be almost 1000 before bits got sold off and it got taken over by the Catholic church). Apart from the mansion, Chirnside also has all of these on the same block of land. A parterre, winery, polo field, farm (including a homestead/barns etc built before the mansion for the founding family), lake/grotto, Victorian state rose garden with over 1000 species of rose, theatre, pavillion and hotel/spa/resteraunt. All the things in that list apart from the hotel date back as early as the 1850s or earlier. Apparently it is haunted, in 1908 the lady of the house had her hair caught alight from a bedside candle and did not survive

oh yes...this is my engagement ring

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Engagement ring huh? Congrats!

Those pics are beautiful, thanks for sharing!!!
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where were these taken?
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Originally Posted by pjk5900 View Post
where were these taken?

In a suburb called Werribee. It's in Australia (Victoria)
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Is the ring the guess what part??
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
Is the ring the guess what part??

Lol yes, we didn't want a huge fuss made, but i still wanted to tell everyone here (but in a subtle way )
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Originally Posted by Dragoriana View Post
Lol yes, we didn't want a huge fuss made, but i still wanted to tell everyone here (but in a subtle way )
I just had to make sure, I would feel embarrassed, if I said congratulations and you said what for?

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OMG You're engaged?!?! Congrats Emma & Tristan!!!
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ohh, great pictures! And, lovely engagement ring too! I like that it's not the traditional "diamond". I've never been one for the traditional diamond engagement rings... always wanted different stones myself. I think it's gorgeous!

Congrats! I'm so happy for you!
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Congratulations - it is a beautiful ring and the other pictures are great also.
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Welcome back!

Love the pictures. Looks like you had good weather

And Congratulations
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Congratulations I love that bedroom OMG I it
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Thanks guys, i thought i'd sneak it in at the end

The reason it isn't your traditional solitaire ring is that for months Tristan dragged me to jewellery store windows casually asking me what stones i liked, what metal, setting etc. So he took note that i wanted a channel set, as i dont want claws catching on clothes and getting knocked about. That i dont like gold and i love silver etc. So white gold is ok as it looks like silver and as much as i am a girly girl, i didnt want your typical diamonds (i also told him i wanted a bluish colour), i wanted some colour. So it has three diamonds and 4 sapphires
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CONGRATULATIONS! you sneaky devil you Tristan did a fabulous job -- he was taking very careful notes, obviously

My wedding band was similar, and for much the same reasons. Channel sets really do take a lot more abuse from those of us who are not so girly-girl.

SO, how did he propose???
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Oh, Emma! This is wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Now you can get out and build a whole new life of your own!

I'm bouncing in my seat here, by golly!
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Oh i really need to make a note here Carol. Even though we are engaged, everything else is still the same. It's just the next natural step. I'm still looking for work, living with parents. Tristan is still at his. Neither of us have the money to move out, so there has been nothing discussed about dates and things, it's just something we wanted to do to show everyone how serious we are.
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Nice pics! Congratulations!
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Good enough -- it means you have something to plan for and look forward to. I'm still overjoyed!
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