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Older dogs and tumors.

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How common is it for older dogs (10 years or more) to have tumors?
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yes.. the exterior ( ie can be seen and touched) are often warts... the ones felt but on the inside often benighn sists... EITHER way have a vet check them... I am now on my offically 3rd over ten dog and all have had one or the other... Dogs feed better diets have fewer according to my vet
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It's very common especially that they are older.. the lumps/tumors don't feel very good on them so it's best to have them removed but most of them are fatty they can be removed and most of them are benign and non cancerous but I would always have your dog checked out by the vet.
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Thanks for telling me. He's a Chow-Chow and has a big one under the skin on his back. About an inch beside his spine that seemed to have turned up overnight and now....something....has opened above his anus that looks tumor-ish (if that's even a word!). He has an appointment on the 11th to get them checked out.
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I wish you the best of luck. My Golden had a lump on her butt that turned out to be a Stage I mast cell tumor. Fortunately they were able to cut out a lot of the surrounding tissue because of where it was and the tissue was clean. She was only 4 by the way, but cancer is common in Goldens.
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Good luck with the vet visit. Ginger, my 11 year old Golden has a number of benign fatty tumors on her chest/abdomen... We get each one checked out but they are all benign. They are very common in older dogs and in Golden especially. If the lump is just under the skin and is moveable rather than attached to the underlying tissue, it's most likely to be a fatty tumor according to my vet. We also get needle aspirates done to doublecheck.
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Yep, I see a lot in older dogs. Most are benign cysts.

Good luck with the vet's appointment!
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