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I live in a large 1 bedroom with my hubby, my son(3 months), 2 cats, 1 gerbil, 1 hamster, 1 ball python, and a fish tank.
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I have two cats, a ferret, and a boyfriend in an 850sqft 1-bedroom apartment. We have plenty of space, as far as I'm concerned. The layout is fantastic, so the litter boxes (which take up more space than the cats) don't bother me. They have an entire hall closet (double doors) for their litter boxes, now that no one is confined to the bedroom. No humans have to step on tracked litter, and the boxes are out of sight (but easily accessible for regular scooping). In the past, I have lived in places that sort of forced placement of the litter boxes in out of the way, inconvenient areas, and it was a pain to stay on top of litter box detail. I don't want them underfoot, but I need to have ready access to them to stay on top of regular (usually twice daily, but always at least once daily) scooping. If i ever build a house, I am including a "litter closet" - it's really one of the major reasons I picked this apartment. As we have three other closets (two walk-ins and a large linen closet), I don't feel like I'm "wasting" closet space. There's room to keep the broom and vacuum in the same closet, and a shelf along the top where we keep laundry items (no in-unit washer/dryer, but the trade-off was worth it).

I think I could easily have several more mellow cats in this space. My lease won't allow it, and my budget certainly won't, but I can see how it could be done.
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I live in loft style apartment about 800 sq feet. I have two cats and I think that enough for me.
If I had a bigger place I would likely add another cat or two.
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My fiance and I live in a one bedroom apartment with my one cat. There's definatly enough room for him.
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Our house is like 1950 sq maybe more and we have 3 dogs soon to be four (the first or second week of october) 4 cats 1 bird and 1 lizard We all live comfortably and happily
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We have a 2 story 3 bedroom townhome

Right now we have:
2 cockatiels
1 kitten
2 dogs 1
~1 9 month old golden retriever
~1 3 year old labrador retriever
and this saturday we will be adopting 1 8 year old golden retriever

We really have no back yard but I take the dogs for long walks so it makes up for it.
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We live in a 5 bedroom house

I have 1 husband, lol
4 kids
13 iguanas
3 red tail boa constrictors
2 ball pythons
1 rat snake
1 Treefrog
1 GIANT african sulcata tortoise
2 russian tortoises
1 ferret
3 hamsters
1 guinea pig
some fish
and now 6 cats/kittens being treated here until they are well enough to go to the shelter.

phew now that I read that it looks like I have a ton.
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Tortie, I have a very similar situation (minus the rehoming thing) I totally have been wanting cats for 5 years now. I have tried to be so patient and my husband insisted that we wait until we were financially stable (I agreed). Finally we're better off this year and after seeing me turn into a mess over simply -thinking- of kitties and start asking if he wants to have a baby (a human one!) his opinion on cats did a 180.

But we're in 600 square feet! I got a large cat tree so I hope that'll give my little monkey meezer space to play.
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4 bedroom home, the backyard is 2 acres - fenced. I own 3 dogs, a cat, and reptiles all inside pets. There is a lot of room. The dogs love running around outside, there is just not a substitute for that type of exercise and freedom, we still take them on walks daily but the backyard is wonderful. We also grow fruits and veggies.
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Me and my boyfriend live in a 2 bedroom mobile home(not sure the sq feet) with

1 mouse
2 budgies
2 hermit crabs
2 rabbits(one is a friends iam keeping for a month or so)
3 salamanders
3 frogs
alot of fish(about 40)
1 dog
4 cats(maybe adding another one or 2 soon)feral mother and baby that need a home before it gets too cold out.
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Just 2 kitties in a one bedroom, 600ish square feet, I thought it was a little small before but after reading everyone elses posts I guess not!! We all get along very well!
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Originally Posted by aliciahorsley View Post

i need a lesson plan from you on how to re-programme husband's thinking. i'm only allowed three cats and two dogs in our 1400 sq ft house. granted i have three kids under three but honestly, one more cat couldn't be that bad
i got the next cat!!!!
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Well...I have seven cats, two cockatiels, and two bettas in a double-wide trailer. =) I couldn't say how many square feet we have here, unless I woke up the sleeping parentals,'s a nice-sized trailer, and it's pretty new, too.
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I live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment that's 820 (I think) sq. ft. There's me, my daughter, 4 aquariums (30 gallon, 5 gallon, 5.5 gallon, and 2.5 gallon), and 2 cats. Everyone has plenty of room.
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Well, we're MOVING into a 1600 sqft house, several fishtanks (55, 2 10s, several small ones) with two cats + fosterers and a german shephard.
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We live in a 1300 sq. ft. house on seven acres. Five people (2 adults,3 kids) 1 90 lb chocolate lab, 2 cats, 1 mini lop bunny, 1 russian tortoise and 3 leopard gecko's. Crowded ??'s cozy
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I currently have 2 cats and a dog who have free range of most of the house.
3 hamsters, 1 mouse, 2 gerbils, 2 rats and 1 betta fish in my bedroom.
2 hamsters in my sisters bedroom.
1 hamster in my parents bedroom.
20 gallon tank with 7 female bettas and 4 oto fish in the living room.

We have a pretty big house I just don't know how big, sorry.
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Three bedroom, three bath apartment with family room...

One dog, one cat, 6 rats.
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well i just moved to a 2 bedroom mobile home and it's me, my ragdoll priscilla and a friends who's hanging for a while.. but my family has a 60 acre dairy farm and i have at least 30 kitties at the barn that range from totally tame to the scaredy cats that will let ya get kinda close but not too close... but eventually some of them get tame! I love all my kitties
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Well, my sweety and I just got married in July so we are combining homes...

We all live in his house which is about 1000 sq ft 3 bed 1 bath - He has converted part of the garage into a pantry type area where I can store things on shelves. This area will also serve as a "caged" area if I have any more rescue's come in that need to be apart from the others for a while.

The other part of the garage will become our bedroom someday.

We currently have 11 cats and 1 bearded dragon.
5 humans - 2 adults and 3 teens/pre-teens. ranging from 11 to 16.

We have the framework up for a 20 foot by 10 foot (approx) cat run so our kitties can all enjoy going outside and stay safe.
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our house is about 2500 sq ft.. 4 bedrooms, an office, and a seprate fenced front and back yard... we have 4 cats, an african grey parrot, a cockatiel, and a german shepherd... and several ferals we feed. The birds have their own room and it is set up with branches in the walls for a big parrot play area.... and we have a toddler so the house is A ZOO
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