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How many do you have in what kind of space?

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So, I'm curious...how many pets do you have AND how big is your home? Obviously, a bigger place allows for more.....but I'm particularly curious about those of you that live in a smaller space (ie a one bdrm apt).

Myself, I live w/o roomies in a 800 sq ft apt, with a 10 year old Golden (Mei) and a 1 yr old DMH (Ollie)....and maybe a new kitty in the next few months. O, and there's the bf that lives with me 4 months of the year (long distance).

When is too many REALLY too many relative to space.

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I think the house is about 2400 sq ft - 2 cats and 1 dog - but we can add another cat
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We're in a 2 bedroom townhouse with 6 cats, a 90lbs dog, and a parrot.
I think as long as no one is stressed and everyone has their own space it's just fine.
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We live in a 3 bedroom, 3 story townhouse & we have

10 Snakes
3 Cats
1 Bearded Dragon
& 1 Short-tailed Brazillian Opossum

Everything & Everyone has PLENTY of room & Space, we have room for more, but we are not getting more, however later in the year we are buying a single family home & we will have MORE space then. (which is needed for us and our Children whom we'd like to have a backyard to play in)
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I live in a studio apartment, 350 sq feet, with two cats. I think we need more room but who knows? My dream is to have a little one bedroom apartment with a good window for "kitty tv"
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What kind of snakes? I love the corn/rat snakes the best - so colorful
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Our first house when we were married was 1400 sq ft. We had two Old English Sheepdogs, a Golden and eventually two children there before we moved.
Our dogs are always inside dogs - we have dogs because we want to enjoy them, so they have to be inside.

Thirty years later, we have two Old English Sheepdogs, a Golden Retriever and a bossy DSH cat in 3,000 sq ft. We would have more pets, but city has limits.
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We live in 1100 sq foot house with full basement. we have three kids, two dogs, a rabbit,a kitten , we have a very large backyard for kids and dogs, and a playground across the street, I am trying to talk my hubby it buying me a bengal,( they are so gorgeous )
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1800 finished sq ft, + 1 acre yard, 4 cats, one lg-breed dog (who actually roams the neighborhood more than he should )
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3/2 house with a big yard (used by semi feral cat more than the dog)... two fish tanks , one semi feral cat and one large yorkie(15 lbs )... soon to be rabbits .. have the room but not sure on the time for a large dog and a few more kitties( not ready for the later yet)
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3400 square feet on 3 acres with 10 indoor cats, 2 indoor/outdoor cats, 1 outdoor cat and 2 dogs. Roughly 2 of the acres are fenced so the dogs have a huge yard to play in and the outdoor cats pretty much stay within that yard. I don't think the 3400 square foot includes the 16x35 sun porch but it does include the finished basement.

We moved from a 2200 square foot house and everyone breathed a big sigh of relief to have the added space. You can survive with a lot of animals in cramped quarters, and I know of one member who had a fair number of cats in an RV, where she built vertical space by using tall cat condos.
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I live in a 3 bedroom apartment (approx 1150 sqare feet) with 3 other roommates, 2 long-haired tabby colored housecats, 1 Sheltie and my baby Ike. It's quite a zoo.
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We have an old farm house...approx 1000 sq ft. 4 house cats and a Newfoundland. We will be adding another Newf within the next year and maybe another cat.
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We have a basement "apartment"... it's 52x36 I think and we've currently got 3 adults, 1 older kitten, and 7 younger kittens (under 4 months). It really does work out, everyone has plenty of room.
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We live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home (not sure how many sq. feet it is) with our two dogs, Fosters (Australian Shepherd) & Whiskey (Carolina Dog), our 4 cats, and my betta, Blue Tattoo

I normally have room for several foster animals too- i keep them in the middle guest bedroom most of the time.Right now we don't have any though.
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We live in a 1 bedroom duplex, each side is 760sqft.

Right now we have our cat Sylvia and her 4 kittens, and our papillon puppy Comet. But we have found new homes for 3 of the kittens and keeping one.

So, by Friday we will only have Sylvia, Sadie, and Comet.
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My roomie and I share a 2 BDRM apt that is just under 1,000 sq feet and we have three cats. I think we could fit another three in our space without overcrowding issues (cats are pretty small, after all,) but my wallet just isn't that big.
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Hubby and I live in a 1-bedroom apartment(I think it's 500-600sq feet) and have 2 cats, 5 ferrets, and 2 sugar gliders. However, I'm also hand-raising 2 orphan kittens(4 weeks old) at the moment, so that puts our cat count to 4.

Oh yeah, and I'm getting a 3rd sugar glider in November.

I think we've reached out limit, what do ya'll think? lol.

Oh yeah, just so ya'll know, no one is stressed and everyone has plenty of room. The ferrets have a ginormous cage, but they spend most of their time out of it(I just block of the room, bathroom, and kitchen and let them have free run of the livingroom and dining area). Bestia, oour ex-feral kitty, spends most of her time snoozing on top of the ferrets' cage or sunbathing in the window, and Binx spends most of his time in my lap, playing with the ferrets, or sitting in front of my computer screen, lol.

Oh yeah, the glider's cage is in the bathroom so that it's nice and dark and no-one bothers them. However, I think we're going to move the computer desk out of our bedroom and put the new glider cage(when it arrives) in there instead. It's getting cold up here and the gliders need to stay warm and we always keep our room cozy in the winter.

Lastly, the kittens are in the bedroom because, again, it's nice and cozy in there. Also, the have a minor respiratory and eye infection so I don't want them near the other critters. As well as the fact that they are way too young to be able to stay out in he livingroom.

Everyone is happy, healthy, and gets plenty of time and attention. I'm a stay-at home wife so I have plenty of time for everyone.

Hubby doesn't really like animals(except the ferrets, he LOVES the ferrets. He also thinks the gliders are neat), but he knew what he was getting into when he married me, lol.
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i need a lesson plan from you on how to re-programme husband's thinking. i'm only allowed three cats and two dogs in our 1400 sq ft house. granted i have three kids under three but honestly, one more cat couldn't be that bad
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Well, I didn't need to program anything really. The fact is that he made me rehome our first 2 cats(we got them to start off our "family" when we got married). I didn't want to and cried for about 2 weeks afterwards. That night when he got home from work and saw me bawling he said he was SOOOOO sorry and promised he'd never make me do it again.

Well, since that incident he has learned to shut up and look the other way when it comes to me and my animals.

I have had animals from the day I was born. Cats, dogs, ferrets, a hedgehog, fish, seahorses, a turtle, a skink, a couple snakes, etc...even an oxylotle(sp?)! So, when we got married he knew I'd want lots of animals.

Anyways, sorry, it still makes my blood boil when I think about my precious Luna and Estrella. I'm tearing up as I write this because it makes me so mad and I miss them so darn much! They've been gone over a year, but I feel like it was just yesterday.

Ok, I need to stop typing...
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My home is 980 sq. ft. I have 1 acre of land with invisible fence for my dog. I have 5 cats and and a 96 sq. ft. cat enclosure off a window.
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We have a 4/2 house around 1800sqft with 3/4 acre fenced backyard. And 2 great danes, 1 mixed dog and 3 cats plus 4 kids.
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We have right at 2,000 s. feet with one lovely cat inside! We also have 15 acres of land with a big ole' golden retriever outside. And there is plenty of space, I want more cats
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I have three cats. A 5 year old male, a year old female, and a 7 month old male. I live in an 1100 sq ft 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom apartment... Sadly Osiris (7 month old male, newest addition) stays in the second bedroom most of the time... Him and the older cat do not get along at all. Ive had him two months and still working on the introduction phase. Other than that there are 2 humans to ad to the clan Total capacity between humans and cats is 5
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I have to cats. Lee(he's my boyfriend) and I havea house that has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms plus all the other rooms. Plenty of space for me but lee does't want any more pets.
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oh god I feel like a hoarder!!!I am in a very small 2 bedroom apt, we were in in a much larger one a few months back. we have 5 cats,1 bunny,2 gerbils and 2 mice. Jenny stays in the bedroom with us cuz she is terrified of most of the cats. the bunny and other small caged animals are in the spare room. So that leaves 4 cats in the living room and kitchen, though Bentley comes in the bedroom sometimes cuz Jenny doesn't mind him. I feel bad cuz the other cats want to sleep in the bedroom but we tried the door open thing and 2 of the cats would pick on jenny and she started peeing every where cuz she was scared to use the box. So stressful...sometimes. Nuit was suppose to be a foster but no one wanted her and after taking so long to settle it wouldn't be worth putting her through that stress. After almost a year she is finally not a demon!! All four are sitting in the living room with me as I type and ae able to get away from eachother when need be. They also have a couple of cat trees and window seats!!
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i live in a 927 square foot 2 bedroom/1bath home.

i have 4 adults, & a kitten whose available for adoption.
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We have a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath with 2 dogs and 2 kitties.
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I live in an around 800sq foot 1 bedroom apartment with one cat and a fishtank and I'm pretty much at the limit. Mostly because of the temprament of my cat though. Two mellow cats would do fine here.

I also need to be careful how I furnish the place to make sure there's enough space to run around and leap about without crashing too much into things.

A bigger place would be good but we're doing ok so far.
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I live in a 3 bedroom house with my mother and 5 cats, 4 rabbits, 2 fish, and 3 chickens.

we have a big backyard too which is good.
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