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Help our Yoshi

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I decided to share with you the tail of Yoshi, hoping you might be able to help. Greetings!

We found Yoshi when she was maybe a month old, under a stairwell. Her mom had abandoned her, resulting in -- or as a result of -- a thick layer of scabby tissue forming over her eyes. She was blind, and her mom would bring food to her other kittens just 20 feet away, but had stopped coming to see her for the last couple days. We decided to take her into the vet.

Thankfully, they were able to wash what I feared was her too damaged eyes to reveal pretty little eyes that could see just fine. We introduced her to our other two cats, and they got along famously.

Fast forward one year. Yoshi managed to escape through a screen and jumped two stories to the ground. She disappeared for a few days despite long hours of searching. On the third day, I found her beneath a bush, bloody, pale and not breathing well. She tried to get up but fell down, and I picked her up, careful not touch her half shredded tail and severely wounded backside. Our family and friends told us to put her down :-/ but the vet said that there was a chance that, with surgery, she could live, and with the a temporary regiment of the right medicine, would not be in too much pain :-]

Fast forward one year. Thousands of dollars later, Yoshi is down one tail, down one of 9 lives, down some nerves around her backside but up with a new lease on life. She is happy, healthy and spends her days playing with toys, hopping about and chirping, and napping. We love her dearly, but there remains one problem. We have three other cats, and she is no longer happy around them. Whenever she is around the other cats (especially our youngest who seems to revel in attacking her), she becomes frightened and will even pee if she gets scared enough. This is due to the fact that they briefly mistreated her while she was recovering.

She's had all of her shots, has all of her claws intact, and even has an embedded id chip over which we could transfer ownership.

So, we ask you, please, is there something you can do for Yoshi? She really needs a new home, and we would most appreciate any help or suggestions you could share!

Thanks so much,
Jared + Luca + Yoshi

ps. Yoshi says 'meeeeeooooww'
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Oh poor little love! It does sound as if she needs to be an only-cat or maybe with an elderly cat who is quiet, her injuries must make it difficult to keep up with and keep even with boisterous younger cats!

I hope you find a great home for her where she can be happy, it would probably help if you gave some indication of your location so people know how far they are from you and whether it would be practical for them to help in any way
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Poor girl. I hope she finds a great home. I do agree that you should give an idea as to where you're at (especially since this is an international forum), so that everyone can see if they can offer help to you locally. Also, a picture of Yoshi may help.
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Thanks! I realize now I forgot to mention our location and to include pics of the beautiful princess. We live in Fort Lauderdale, but are soon moving to Jersey City. We'd be happy to ship her somewhere if we can determine that you have a nice home for her.

Notice how her bobtail only makes her more cute!

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Aww... what a sweet girl. Bless you for rescuing her... twice! I would love to take her but can't have any more cats at the moment. I hope you can find her a loving furever home soon.
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