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Getting addicted to expensive food... "Uni" aka Sea Urchin

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Gah, I gotta quit getting addicted to expensive foods. I had some uni (sea urchin) sushi at a Japanese restaurant last night and it was love at first taste. Sure it looked like the tongue of some kid who'd been sucking on too many yellow jaw breakers, but so yummy... Sweet, slightly bitter, creamy taste. But at $5 a mouthful...

Add that to my vintage wine, high grade sake, duck, venison, and expensive chocolate addictions...

Anyone else have expensive food addictions?
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Hey, at $15 for a big pizza, on a college student's budget, it's about as expensive for me as sea urchin sushi is to you!
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I had this at a Japanese restaurant last night and it was gorgeous!

Zenzai Banquet
£19.90 Per Person

Hanahana Salad - Fresh Salad with
Japanese Dressing

Japanese Spring Rolls
Yakitori Chicken

Main Course
Tiger Prawns
Salmon Steak
Teriyaki Chicken (contains Nuts)
Sirloin Steak

Served with
Miso Soya Bean Soup, Egg Fried Rice & Fresh Vegetables

Washed down with a few bottles of pinot grigio at nearly £18.00 a bottle but well worth it
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I love quail eggs at the sushi restaurant. I also LOVE Artichokes, fresh figs, raspberries, peaches, nectarines...but I buy them even when they are not in season and that can be expensive.

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I have a weakness for expensive German white wines (think Spatelese, Auslese, Berenauslese and even Trockenberenauslese.) And I like rather expensive chocolates, but I don't have chocolate cravings too much and can usually satisfy them with Dove or Ghirardelli. I really love Greek food and there's not a single good Greek restaurant around where I it's a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive down to Detroit's Greek Town a couple of times a year...that's expensive! My other expensive addiction is Coach handbags. But fortunately, I've gotten some great deals on Coach handbags on eBay! I think I'm up to 7 or 8 now...
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I eat from the health food store ...=== $$$$$$$$$$
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For me it's fruit. Peaches, for example: they're so hard to catch at just the right moment! You have to buy a lot of them to find a few that are soft and ripe and sweet -- but oh, when a peach is perfect, there's nothing better in the world!

And berries are so delicate that good fresh ones cost a fortune... but a perfect juicy blackberry, a tender pink strawberry... oh my...

If I could afford it, I'd move to California just for the produce!

Come to think of it, though, I do have one truly wicked indulgence that I succumb to once a year or so: Kahlua and cream. Ahhhh...
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I'm too much of a cheap skate to have expensive tastes.. oh yeah... too poor too!!!!! DH on the other hand, is a little perticular and has to have his certain beer (costs more of course), and a couple other things, but.. I still love him!
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I like a really tender thick New York Strip steak. I won't eat the real cheap steak so I don't eat it very often.
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Lets see I LOVE Mayfield icecream which is $7 for a half gallon I think right now. And of course Ben & Jerry's and at $4 for one of the little ones... needless to say I dont buy it often! Oh and Starbucks especially with the pumpkin lattes being back for the season! And Godiva Chocolate and Lindorf chocolate truffles.
As for actual dinner, I love Japanese food! Especially Yaki. And Steak and Shrimp Parmesan from Applebees. Wow... now I really wanna go eat all of those!
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