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Kitten Layette ?

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I am not sure where to post this at, so forgive me...and please move me if need be..

I am trying to prepare for my two boys to come home here next month.
I am wondering what to have ready for them.

One litter box initially for them both?

What type of litter does everyone prefer? I would like a natural type.

One bed? Or can they sleep with me? What do you do?

Toys of course..

What about food bowls-seperate bowls for them or share?

Has anyone wore their fur babies?
I wore my children in soft cloth carriers and I am wondering to do the same with my fur babies
(like these

OK I will stop there..

love the smilie's here!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!
That is wonderful that you are trying to get everything ready. I can say what I did when we adopted two kittens. We had one litter box initially. I love Swheat Scoop litter. It is wheat and it really helps the smell plus you don't have the dust you get with the clay and other scoopable litters.
We also got them one bed and they both curled up in it together until they were older. Then they just curled up on the bed with us when older.
For bowls, it might be best to have one each just so they can both get at the food. One water bowl should be fine though.
Another must would be a scratching post. I don't know if you have the room but our cats LOVE having a cat tree to be able to scratch on as well as play on and sleep in.
I never wore my kitties. They just loved to come and curl up on my lap and follow me around. So I don't have experience with that.
Good luck! Send pics when you get them.
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Welcome to TCS

and WorriedMommy has some excellent suggestions there -- following them will almost certainly result in two very happy, healthy kittens! Personally, I use clumping clay litter (30# refillable plastic bucket from Petco, economical and they all seem to like it) and each has his or her own bowl, with one large water bowl and several bowls of dry food fed free-choice. I buy stainless steel bowls, so they don't get feline acne from plastic, and steel is unbreakable, too! Cat furniture is a big plus for them -- as much as you can buy, and as high as you can accomodate! for little climbers, which all cats are. Little beds -- one is good for snuggling, and yes, all my cats sleep with me, I encourage it! but a bed of their own is nice for a choice, too -- and one litter box is okay, but two are better for two cats. Toys -- the more, the merrier, as long as they're well-constructed and don't have parts that can come off and be swallowed, or otherwise do harm. Simple toys tend to be the best and the most popular as well, like foam "footballs", sparkle balls (but watch out with kittens -- you don't necessarily want to give them these, as the mylar threads can be pulled out and eaten!), simple catnip "mice" or other shapes, crumpled paper balls, cat-safe laser pointer toys bought from "pet" supply store and not other sources!, and "Da Bird" or "Feline Flyer" type interactive toys are wonderful. "Fish teethers" and dental chew toys FOR CATS are great for kittens' teeth, too...

GOOD LUCK, keep us updated, and thanks so much for adopting TWO sweet kittens! Pix would be greatly appreciated...!
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I have'nt had 2 kittens together, but from what I've read 2 litter boxes when their grown. As to litter, I've heard if you use clay clumping, & they happen to eat it, it can set like concrete in the intestines. Not something you would like to happen. I stayed clear of it for Blossom. I've tried the crystal types - good for a few days. In Oz, at Woolworths there's a pine clumping one that I started to use when she was about 6 mths.
Have their own stainless steele food dishes. Scratching post or trees. Blossom likes to play with scrunched up paper, clothes pegs etc., rather than all the toys I bought for her.
I have a dog basket with soft pillow & blanket for her bed, which she used when a baby as I used to lock her in her "room" at night as she used to get into mischief. I lock her there when I'm out, but at night she has the option to sleep on our bed which she does. I also have a cat crate, for visits to the vets.
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If they are kittens, one pan probably will work; if they are adults (8 months or older) then I'd get 2 pans just in case (Ling and Charlie do share one big pan).

I like the scoopable litter and also am adding Feline Pine now - may wind up changing over to that totally.

You can buy a cat bed or two - the more enclosed the better, but they more/less sleep anywhere they choose

I have 2 sets of bowls - one for each. Don't get the dishes that connect as its harder to give fresh water if there is food in the other side. Individual bowls work a lot better. Use ceramic or stainless steel - not plastic. Plastic is harder to keep clean and many cats will develop acne when using plastic dishes.

IMO forget the clothes (tho they are cool - would have loved to have one when my son was a baby) I would get 2 carriers - either hard or soft sided - maybe one of each for traveling, vet trips, emergency, etc. If they are kittens, get the size need for adult size - not kitten size or you will be buying another carrier when full grown.

And very important:

A TALL scratching post/treehouse (worth the money!) - something over 4 feet tall.

Cat nail clippers (I like the scissor kind)

Combs (fine tooth, medium toothed and flea comb)
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I need:

ceramic or stainless steel bowls- 3
2 for each kitty to eat and one for water

trees-preferably two one for upstairs one for down

one potty and add one once they get older.
I like the Swheat Scoop from what I have for kittens

nail clippers and combs

I am making notes friends!
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If you get a pretty large size pan when older you may not need two - are you getting M/M, F/F, or M/F?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
If you get a pretty large size pan when older you may not need two - are you getting M/M, F/F, or M/F?
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We have four litter boxes for 7 young kittens, 1 older kitten, and 3 adults. I personally cannot stand the non-clumping but when they are very young (under 3 months), it's non-clumping litter only. Now that mine are older, I can go back to the clumping litter which is so nice. I don't buy anything expensive, usually just Kroger brand clumping litter. I scoop every time it's needed and it works well.

There are two big water bowls for the cats and one for the dogs (which the cats use too). For dry food, we have a giant "vegetable tray" type thing that holds a LOT of dry food, plus a couple extra bowls. They free feed dry and have no problems with it... although we will stop free feeding when they're adults because I know a few of them will be piggies. I feed them their canned food on disposable plates.

We have beds for our kitties but they have never used them! Their favorite sleeping places are on our bed, or in a box.
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wow Britni
You have a full house
lots of love going through there!
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