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Great news for Yang!

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First, I just want to say that I had their names confused, lol. The white kitten is Yang and the black one is Yin.

Anyways...as some of you may know, the tip of Yang's tail needs to be amputated because it was sucked on when she was first born. I was worried because of the cost and such because I don't have a whole lot of money.

Well, I called my vet to see if she could give me an estimate and such. She asked a couple questions about the tail and then gave me some awesome news: Yang may not need to be "put under" for the surgery! She may very well be able to simply numb the tail and to a quick "slice and stitch" and that's it!

The vet said that she wants to get the tip removed asap because it's slowly spreading and if it can be done without having her put under, then it would be a zillion times safer. Also, it will be a lot cheaper, lol.

I'm going in next week(Mon or Tue) to have the vet take a look at Yang and, if she can do the surgery without putting Yang under, she will go ahead and remove the dead part of the tail! Yeah!

Total cost: approx $100. It's an "ouch", but not too bad.

Wish us luck next week.
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Happy thoughts coming Yangs way. Good Luck!!

Your doing so good by those kitties, I hope they reward you in the wayyou deserve when they are older with lots of cuddles.

Can't remember if you have mentioned this before but are you keeping them?
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Do I WANT to keep them: yes, of course, lol.

Can I keep them: no.

I live in a 1-bedroom apartment and already have 2 cats, 5 ferrets, and 2(soon 3) sugar gliders. Oh yeah, and a hubby that doesn't like cats, lol.

At one point I had 4 cats here(2 of Bestia's kittens, from last year, were returned for stupid reasons) and it was insane! The apartment smelled 24/7 because the cats all had to share 1 litterbox(no room to put a second one anywhere). Also, there was fur EVERYWHERE! fur on the carpet, fur on the sofa, fur on the bed, and the worst part: fur in our food!

I COULD make them outside cats, but we live near the corner of 2 busy streets and I would be WAY too scared about them getting hit by a car.
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