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Sophisticated Smudge

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This made me smile, so thought I'd share it. A friend made us a scarf for Joshua, and I decided to put it on Smudge to see if it would fit her, and she looked so darn cute.

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Awww...that's adorable Sarah
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How very sweet.
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That IS cute! And it matches her eyes too
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Aww. That made me smile too. So cute!
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I love it! What a beauty!
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Awwwwwww she wears it well Sarah, and i'm sure Joshua would approve
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LOL! That is so cute!
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What an elegant little lady! Very cute!!!
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How sweet
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Smudge is looking very cosmopolitan!
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Aww Smudge...she seems to like it too
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That made me smile~and I DEF needed that!!
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Smudgie is one stylin' little girlie!
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eheh, nomraly i yell kitty abuse when people dress up there kitties,
but, she does look cute must be a black kitty thing
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Tres Chic!! What a cute expression on her face. It's so hard to get good detail on a black cat pic.
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