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Sammy don't scare mommy like that!!

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So I'm sitting here reading through some threads trying to decide what I want to do with my hair (the color I dyed it is not quite right... but thats another story)... anyway, so I scroll down to read the next post in one thread and as soon as I release the mouse button, my screen scrolls down on its own to the bottom of the page.

Hmm.. odd... but this is my first laptop so I'm always hitting the wrong button and doing something I didn't expect to do

So I try again... scroll back to the post I was reading and again it zooms down to the bottom of the page. A third time.. a fourth time... finally the fifth time it scrolls down to the bottom and starts flickering like it's trying to go even farther, but it can't because its the end of the page.

Ok panic... I mean I haven't even had this computer a month yet.. how could it be broken already!! And how and am I going to get it fixed over the weekend since I need it for monday.. and oh do I have the money to fix it... and where is my warranty info...

... and then I see him.

As it turns out I had connected a wireless mouse to my laptop, which also comes with a wireless kb. I don't use the kb... but my snuggly little black kitten found it and decided to lay on it while he was cleaning his ears... with his elbow on the down arrow He needs to stop scaring mom like that!! That was almost a very expensive ear wash
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What a little skinker he is for scaring his mommy like that.
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Oh that is priceless! My cats love to do things that freak me out too. Glad you figured it our before you spent some money on trying to "fix" it.
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too cute!!!!! i would have been sitting there for a 1/2 hour trying to figure that one out lol.
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