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Bandaid Adhesive... safe or poison?

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One of my cats ate a band-aid. The band-aid passed with no trouble (thankfully!) and we found it in the stool this evening.

My concern is if she may have digested enough adhesive to make her sick, or if it's non-toxic. The package says it's non-toxic, but it was probably only tested for human toxicity. Our vet says to just keep an eye on her, and that she honestly doesn't know if it might be toxic to cats... I guess it's never come up, or at least not often enough that it's common knowledge.

So while I sit and obsessively watch my cat, I figured I'd find a good cat message board and ask if anyone knows lol.

They were actual Band-aid brand, standard size children's bandages in case that makes a difference. Dora the Explorer as if that would make a difference (I had thought they were Backyardigans, but according to the website they don't make them in that pattern... and the website doesn't have any indications as to toxicity either. They do have a phone number which I'll be calling tomorrow just to ask).

The things I do for peace of mind heh.
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I think if it were toxic, you'd have seen a problem by now. I would be very surprised if there was anything in the adhesive that is toxic to cats, and I'd be much more concerned with the physical band aid myself. I am glad to hear that it has passed.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. The adhesives they use are mostly inert polymers.
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Glad the bandaid passed. I'd be more concerned about that too. You never know, but I'd like to think that if the bandaids are for KIDS that they'd contain non-toxic adhesive.
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Was it a big or small one? Guess you are lucky that it didn't stick to anything internally. Gotta watch those guys!
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Yeah I was worried about the band aid passing too -- we saw her chewing it and somewhere in the fun process of playing "chase the kitty to take away it's treasure", she ate it whole.

Why we'll never know... saying cats are weird is kind of the equivalent of saying cats have legs.

She got it because my youngest niece (3 years old) thinks band aids are the most wonderfully decorative forms of body art ever invented. One happened to fall off of her while she was over here, and Isis nipped in and grabbed it before we saw it.

I tell you, there is nothing more entertaining that examining three litter boxes every couple hours looking for signs of a band aid in the contents. :: I'd wonder why I bothered, except for the fact that they're just so cute and fun the rest of the time LOL. Gotta take the bad with the good I guess heh.
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