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Sebastian going to vet again

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Sebastian has been peeing outside the box the last few days. He still poops in the box. He plays, sleeps, eats normally. I have an appointment later today at the vet to see what is going on. Could this be a UTI? Are there any symptoms other than eliminating outside the litter box?

I have tried to convince him to use the box when I catch him squatting. Pick him up, place him in the box. He just sits there looking at me, or scratches around covering up whatever poop is in there. I talk to him and tell him what a good boy he is but nothing is helping.

In the past, he has only gone outside the box when he didn't feel well. However, he seems okay other than this. He and Daphne just finished chasing one another all over the place.

Since he is FIV positive, I tend to be hyervigilant with his health. Just want to make sure I am not over-reacting or under-reacting.

He is coming up on 12 years old. Is it common for older cats to have vet visits more often? Seems I have been at the vet every 2 or 3 months since getting Daphne in March.

Any ideas out there? Thanks

Edit: the only other unusual behavior is that he is asking to go out much more often. Sits by the door and demands it. Since I never let him out, I am not sure where this comes from.
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Do you think maybe there is something outside that he doesn't like, perhaps another cat? That could account for him wanting to go out and having a litterbox adversion.

I do hope he's okay healthwise. Good luck.
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YES older cats often need more vet visit s ... I hope he is fine/.///

Do you have some cat attract litter??

I have chronic issues with my dog and when Kandie was around I went to the vet with one of the three weekly
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Oh Bonnie Im so sorry Seb is not feeling well again ........ sending many postivie vibes for your baby boy ..... ...... Keep us posted with what the vet says.
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I bet he does have UTI. my 7 year old boy was going pee outside the box and that was his only symptom, he was active, and eating and acting normally otherwise. Is he drinking more? my boy did this as well. As long as there are no other symptoms it probably means its nothing more serious (kidney issues, diabetes, blockage/crystals) so a couple weeks of antibiotics and he'll probably be fine.
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Oh big sweet Seb! It could be either a UTI or it could be he is being upset by a new cat outside, as others have said.

I have two that hate other cats being outside and will mark below the window where they see other cats ( one is a female and she will actually pee and not spray). He may be more protective of his "area" now that he has Daphne to look after as well. I have another one though who has chronic cystitis and will get reoccurring UTIs and not show any overt symptoms.

With Seb being a senior and FIV positive taking him to the vet just in case is the best course of action.

Lots of "get back to normal" quickly vibes.
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Just checking in ............ how is Seb? Any updates?
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Sorry I am so late with the update. Took him in and he acted as though he were a wild panther caught in a breadbox. He went psycho blender kitty on us. Vet managed to feel his bladder, said it was normal sized. Said there was no way they could take a urine sample with him acting as he was.

Gave me antibiotics and said that if he isn't better by Monday to try to collect the urine on my own. They were out of the special plastic litter pellets for litter though. The vet wasn't sure where to buy those other than another vet?

He has had 2 doses of meds so far. Haven't been able to catch him going pee anywhere. I so hope the antibiotics do the trick. He is still eating okay.

Thanks everyone for checking in
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Awww poor Seb...I hope he feels better soon
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Oh Poor guy ..... hopefully if it is an infection the anitbiotics will kick in really soon.
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Poor Seb....poor you and poor vet! I just couldn't help laughing at the
"psycho blender kitty". Been there and that is such a perfect description. Of course it is NOT funny while it is happening!

all paws crossed here that the antibiotics are the answers.

If you need to get a urine sample this is how I do it ( I have perfected my technique over the years of trying to figure out which one of 8 has the UTI)

Get a low sided litter box if you don't have one. put fresh litter in it and put it right in front of you while you are sitting on the couch. If you can get your hands on some of that cat attract even better. Have a small clean plastic lid or baggy at hand. When Seb comes to investigate he most likely will want to pee, stick the plastic or baggy under him (from behind) and cats as much as you can. You really don't need a lot for a urine test.

Make sure you refrigerate the urine and have it tested within 24 hours.

( A little TMI... the urine stream angles slightly backwards not straight down. Don't put the lid or baggy too far forward or you will miss the catch and have a wet hand )
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Another trick is to cover all of the litter with a garbage bag--that way the feel the litter beneath their feet when they step in, but the urine remains on top of the bag. Then you can use a plastic syringe (without the needle) or a turkey baster to suck up a sample. If you're checking for bacteria, you'll want to get the sample to the vet as soon as it's easy for the sample to become contaminated and the bacteria can multiply to make the problem appear worse.
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