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Choice of drink...

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When my cat Izzy was a couple months old, she tried to drink out of my beer,

she doesnt do this anymore, but she seemed to like the taste, ive never heard of this before lol.

also when she sleeps with me, she paws at my hair and purrs loudly i used to have problems sleeping because of it, but its so cute i didnt make her leave, she doesnt do it as much now, but she still does sleep next to my head, shes getting big, and hogs the bed, i dont think she realizes her size.. lol My other kitten, bender does this to my boyfriend, do most cats do this???

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Occasionally Seamus licks the top of a soda can or a straw from a cup of soda and he always manages to drink out of my water glass if I don't watch.

Sleeping... when he does decide to lay down with me instead of putting his head at my head he'll usually have his little tushie in my face and his head on my knee on the couch or my arm on the bed, always that butt in my face though... he does occasionally while he sleeps reach out and paw at something and purr, so that part must be normal when they sleep, but it's not at my head...
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Mine paws water glasses over to the side of the table so he can spill it out on the floor.
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Charlie likes teas (vanilla caramel is his fav) and fruit juices (Strawberry and Banana Smoothies).

And yes if they love you and trust you, its common to sleep on your head at nite and purr....
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My male kitten does the same to my hair. He comes and lays on my head, pads up and down a bit, giving it a massage and then tries to wash my hair. He sometimes nibbles my ear too. It's very cute.
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many cats do drink odd things its nothnig to worry bout but i wouldnt recommend letting him as it could be very harmfull.

Your cat is ovioulsy attachted to you so it wants to sleep next to you.
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Sonic slept on my head until he was really quite big, my neck has not been the same since.

Radar is the official drink tester in our house, always sticking his head into mugs and glasses. When he was little we had to have a vet visit because he got steam in his eye from a cup of hot tea, for ages afterwards any time he saw me holding a mug he would shut one eye as if remembering the pain poor lad.
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Yeah that happened to Charlie tho it was his whiskers - so he learned to wait till it was almost gone - then stick his paw in it and lick the tea
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Molly always had to sample everything I was drinking, so it could be anything from water to pop. If someone left out beer or coffee, she'd try that too. Now I wonder if she was craving liquids, as she was on a kibble diet back then (and having nasty bowel issues from it), and now that she's on RAW, she hasn't dipped her paw in anybody's glasses in ages.

Buffy once had a slight thing for coffee when she was a young kitten, and we joke that it was because of injesting the caffiene that she turned into such a crazy kitty nowadays, lol
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