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Jack's Mystery Tumtum

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Hello all,
I need help and advice. I took my two year old brown tabby cat Jack into the vet today for a routine check-up. I thought he was just fine. I had notice a firmer mass right under his ribcage that I wanted to ask about as well. I figured I was paranoid because my other cat Bridget, who is 13 and wonderful, has cancer and is therefore very lumpy and bumpy. So I am always on the look out for bumps. The vet was definitely concerned when she found the mass, and took an X-ray.
At this point all the docs are baffled. Jack's stomach looks like bone...the whole thing showed up white and sort of squigilly looking. There was no barium in him, so the white was very shocking and unexpected. The closest thing the vet could guess at is Intestinal Lymphoma, but she thought that was a far off guess. She said it looked as if it was calcified. They took tests and we should know more on Monday.
Jack seems fine, he doesn't throw up and he eats and poops fine from what I can tell. All the vets acted like this was a very serious problem. At this point they can't really offer me any suggestions about what to do because they still don't know what it is. It is not a mass in his stomach, it IS his stomach, the whole thing. In the x-ray is looked like it was packed full of white worms. She said that worms don't how up on x-rays and that is not what it was. So what is it!? I have been crying all day, I am so scared and I just feel doomed. Has anyone ever heard of this, or seen anything like it? Any guesses or similar problems would be appreciated. I can't belive I have two sick cats, and both couldn't be sweeter. Thanks for reading
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Welcome to TCS I'm so sorry to hear about your Cat, Hopefully someone may have some kind of information that may help you, I wish I did but I don't, Hang in there and someone may respond to your post.. I hope it's nothing serious. Are they sure the x rays were good could there have been a problem with there equipment or something ? It does sound quit strange. I hope you have some good news on Monday, Please keep us informed, and again
"Welcome to you and your babies"
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OMG Monday is so far away! The only advice I can offer is to try not to worry so much since he's acting perfectly fine and healthy. Just enjoy this weekend with him and spend a lot of time with him. Pretend it never happened. Deal with it Monday. Hopefully it's nothing serious. Sending good vibes your way and praying for you and your furbaby. Do let us know what happens on Monday please.
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I haven't heard of this, but I wanted to wish you the best of luck and make sure this stays bumped up for those that actually might know something.

Sending all the best of luck and good vibes I can. Keep us updated. Our thoughts are with you and your little guy.
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I have never heard of this either. Perhaps they should double check the xray. I totally understand why you are scared and worried, who wouldn't be. Hopefully it will be a lot less serious then anyone thinks - good luck. Please follow up on what happened.
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Yeah it does sound so odd. I'm hoping for your sake they messed up on something. Unless he swallowed a bellyfull of metal wire, I have no idea what it could be! This is so wild.... can't wait to hear what the vet says. I do hope it is not serious.
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I had to respond to your post because I have a Jack and a Bridget myself.
I really don't have any ideas as to what's going on with your Jack. All I can do send some good thoughts your way. Like others have said, maybe it's just a screw-up with the xrays. I do this is just some malfunction with their equipment. If your boy is acting ok, hang on to that.
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Well today is Monday and we have yet to hear back about Jack's cytology. I don't think there was a mess up with the x-ray because they took two. The good news is that we heard back about his blood work on Saturday and it is totally normal. Everything is functioning fine. This whole thing is still a big mystery. I asked the doc if he could have eaten something and she said no because it wouldn't have shown up white... Anyway, thanks for all the nice, hopeful comments. I will keep you posted as we find out more.
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waiting ... waiting ...
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I once saw an x ray of myself or one of my kids, and all through the intestines there was this white stuff, and they said it was gas! ...
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Hello, JackNbridge? Bumping ...
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Looking forward to good news about Jack! Here are some "good news vibes" coming your way from New Hampshire...
And I hope that Bridget contnues to successfully batle her cancer!
Welcome to TCS!
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Hello everyone,
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you all. Well, I went to a specialist at a critical care place. It was awesome and she was awesome. She said that there was no way he had cancer. She thought he had eaten something...we racked out brains trying to figure it out. We thought... ribbon? String? We couldn't think of anything, but she said it had to come out, it wasn't going to pass on it's own. Soooo on Monday he went into surgery...very expensive, I had to get a loan from my mom, and she can't even afford to give me a loan but she did! So it turn out Jack had eaten 25 of my hair bands!!!! I wear the thick ones!! He had 25 packed in his little tummy!!! I cannot believe it! The doctors are all shocked that he wasn't much more sick. I got o visit him today and he looks good. He should get to come home tomorrow. Thanks again for all your support and help!!
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Oh my gosh! What a crazy thing for him to do! I'm so glad that you got that taken care of. Who would ever think that he would eat even one, much less 25.
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:shocked :
Glad he is okay! They must've tasted pretty good! WOW....
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Originally Posted by TickyTat View Post
:shocked :
Glad he is okay! They must've tasted pretty good! WOW....
You've got to stop buying those catnip-flavored hair bands. ( you know I wouldn't joke unless I knew he was ok...)
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Wow! That's crazy! I'm not surprised because Buster (my cat) loves rubber bands too. I simply cannot keep rubber bands and hair bands in my home anymore for that reason. However, I never caught him swallowing them. I'm glad to hear that your cat is all better!
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Wow!! cats sure do keep us on our toes. Glad the mystery is solved and I hope that he stays ok and out of the hairbands!
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You've got to stop buying those catnip-flavored hair bands
Holy Cow! I can understand swallowing one, but 25???!!!!! Aren't cats amazing creatures?
Very glad to hear that Jack is going to be fine. And you deserve a big pat on the back for keeping on top of this. You're obviously a very good cat-Mom.
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I'm very happy to hear that Jack is going to be ok.
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Yaaaay, I'm so glad he's okay! Good grief what an ODD thing for him to eat... I can't imagine what he liked about them! Just glad he's well. Silly kitty!
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Oh, my ... they can be SUCH IIIDIOTS!!!! (you know I love them all!!!)

I am SO GLAD to finally read your post.

I have had, er, indiscriminate ingestors, too. In mine it was a symptom of hyperacidity and discomfort from IBD ... so keep a VERY close watch on yur little sweetie!
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Oh my! Poor, silly Jack! I'm so glad he's ok!

Now that makes me worry, Ferris has a hair tie fetish, and my hair is down to my waist - I can't live without them. He steals them from me and plays with them. I find them all over the house in the strangest places.

But he'd better not be eating them!
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WOW!! Almost three weeks with those things in his stomach?? No wonder the vets were shocked he wasn't worse! Just thinking of what could have happened in those three weeks must be nerve wracking! That Jack is one very lucky kitty!! Super healing heading his way, and calming for you!
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Well, bless his little fetish induced hair band stealing heart. I have to continuously pick up stuff that I have absolutely no idea where they got it from, and throw it away. They're little fiends, and Pogue is a serious hair eater.

I'm so glad to hear that Jack is okay! I know it was a really big expense but I know you've got to be relieved that it's not something more (permanently) serious. Give the little bugger lots of scritches from me and lots of trills from my crew.
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