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Demetri did very well on Friday, biggest show of the year runs over a week with several breeds each day, total of around 500 cats.

Demetri's results:
2nd best of breed Bengal, Burmilla, Ocicat - entires/neuters/kittens judged all in together

1st best male Oci under 9 months

2nd place - Coat colour and texture

3rd place - Eye colour and shape

Judge was Pam Delabar from the US. It was closed judging but I spoke to her briefly after, she said he had good contrast especially for a silver and she liked that his spine lines were dotted as she sees them as lines quite often in the US.
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I've been under Pam before (once or twice) - no major finals tho - will have to check Charlie's spine lines

Congrats Demetri
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A big Congratulations to you and Demetri!! You must be very proud!!
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Big congrats to a VERY handsome young mancat!
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Grats to Demetrius again!
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