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My landlord saw my cat!

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She opened the door and saw one of my two cats. I told her she is registered with SICSA for vet checks and will be adopted out... that I opened the door and she walked in and I just couldn't let her back out on the street. The landlord says I'll have to pay any damages... I say, of course, though she hasn't done any damage yet, and offer to pay a deposit.

And then, she says, "Yes, we'll have to arrange that, if you want to keep her"!

KEEP her!! As in, my very own cat! Not a foster or a stray just bunking down here, but MY cat!


She still doesn't know I have two cats, though. I'm gonna cross my fingers and wait a little longer for that revelation.

I still don't think I can keep both cats, though--both would be better off as only cats, and if I can find a good home for one, and keep the other, that would be ideal...

My very own cat!

Excuse me while I go snuggle my felines...
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3 cheers for nice landlords!
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I love nice landlords!
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That is so great!!!

So, if you can keep one, do you plan to keep whichever doesn't get adopted first?
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I had wonderful landlords at my last place that loved my cat!! They treated it as if he were theirs. Good luck!!
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Definitely plan to give HER a nice plate of homemade cookies/fudge when you get the chance.....
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Ooh, yes, a little gift would be a great idea! Your own kitty! Oh boy!
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Glad to hear that you didn't get in trouble! I hid Buster from my former landlord from 1999-2003. He eventually found out and gave me a chance to get rid of him. Naturally, I didn't and he evicted me soon after. It all worked out in the end because I found a much better place. I live in a very cat friendly apartment and my new landlord loves cats.
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I was my sister's landlord for 5 years (upstairs apartment in my house) where she had her 6 cats. Downstairs, my husband and I had our 2 dogs, parrot, rabbit and in the backyard, turtles and tortoises...
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That's wonderful news!

My apartment building doesn't allow pets unless you pay an extra $30 a month. We decided to pay the extra instead of hiding Frisco and getting in trouble if they found out.
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What WONDERFUL news!

So what are your plans?
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Adopt one out and keep the other... Whichever one is adopted first is fine with me; I love them both the same.

If I had to choose, it'd be like trying to choose between chocolate and ice cream...
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