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cat's in heat???

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This is the first time I have owned a cat Harley's age. (I'm not 100% sure how old she is. She goes to the vet tomorrow, so I'll find out then) My husband and I think she's in heat. At first I thought it was because we rearragned the house to prepaire for the new bed we are getting tomorrow. Last night while I was moving stuff, she was freaking out. But today she is making sounds ALL DAY. And she's started kinda dancing. She'll have her front all the way on the ground and her but in the air moving her back paws. Kinda like she's trying to make love to the carpet. I'll find out for sure from the vet tomorrow, and we'll prob. get her fixed. unil then how should we help her? Is there something we can do to help? How long should this last? I'm a bit worried about her. I know this is normal, but she just sounds and is acting strange, and I worry about my baby. Any help or sugestions would be great. thanks!
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nope, nothing you can do except keep her indoors away from toms and intact males. You are doing the best thing by getting her fixed quickly.
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She is in heat and will remain that way for a week or so. The spay may cost a little bit more while she is in heat. Vets differ on this so yours may not have a price difference. My hubby laughs at out girls when they're in heat. Then tells our male to do hid duty! LOL
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