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Bundylee & Russian Blue...re: Blue pics

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You might like this site, which belongs to an Internet friend of mine who has a very small russian blue cattery in Sweden. This link is to the 'I Kullen', with some adorable photos. There are links at the bottom to other I pages.(You'll see links at the top for G & H Kullens as well. They name the litters alphabetically.) (There is an english version, with a link all the way at the top on the right, but there aren't as many photos on the kitten pages.)Their mom Cassandra looks very similar to my Ivan.

Kosmokatten Russian Blues

My Ivan, squeezed into the linen closet.

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Thank You Lucia!

When I started my research for a kitten, I think I saw that website. It looks very familiar!

The Russian Blues from her cattery really have a darker coat, don't they. Very nice!And who couldn't resist Cassandra (the name and the cat)!

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has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen
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OMG!!!!!!! Did you see the babies???? Just can't wait till little Taty has her babies! I read somewhere that with kittens that are all the same colour etc that you mark them with a coloured marker (different colour for each kitten) under there front leg so that you can tell them apart! Has anyone else heard of this or have any other suggestions? It will be around 6mths before I get Tatyana mated but it will be so cool!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the link Lucia!
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especially the 'I' kitties. And of course, my 'I' kitty, Ivan (sorry, I couldnt resist!) The woman who has the website uses the photo of Ivan that I posted above as her desktop picture! Here is a photo which she sent me of her Cassandra - you can see Ivan on the screen .

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OMG, Ivan is just gorgeous!!!
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Are Russin Blues all born with blue eyes? And then do they turn green?
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Yes, they have blue eyes at first.

This is a picture of one of my Nik's litter mates (see those eyes!):

(removed pic due to storage confines on TCS, you can email me if you really want to see the picture)
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Hmmm...it lost some quality of colour in the resizing, but they are very blue.

And this is a picture of Nik now - he is still young, not quite 6 months, so his eyes are still changing, but you can see they are much closer to green than the really young kitty

(same with this pic)
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Beautful cat! I love it! I want one!
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Yes, all Russian Blues to my knowledge have blue eyes. Nakita has green eyes but in certain lights you can still see the blue tint. She will probably still have this till 1 year old (she is 7 months now).

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