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Cat walking backwards

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This is really odd but recently I have noticed that when my 13 month old Zippi (male) gets ready to barf up a hairball he starts walking backwards. At first I thought I was seeing wrong but just the other day in front of company he did it again. Fortunately when he does this and I see it in time I can put him on the tile floor for easier clean-up. Has anybody ever heard of or seen this behavior before? After he barfs it up he is fine and goes in the right direction. Very strange. Vet says he is perfectly healthy any ideas or opinions?? Thanks in advance!
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I think they just feel very crappy when they puke, they no the stuff has to come out so maybe they think waking backwards will hep...who knows what goes through these kitty's minds.
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He's walking backwards so that he doesn't walk into the puke or put his nose into it when he barfs.
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That's normal - they back up and leave a trail of sick because they don't want to tread in it - if it's just a one off vomiting incident then don't worry too much (the occasional up-chuck is perfectly normal for a cat), if it's frequent or regular or they show behavioural changes or lethargy then consult your vet.
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My cat bender always backs up when he has to puke or throw up hairballs

he does the weirdest thing though, when any of my cats overeat, and then puke up their food, Bender goes straight for it and tries to eat it.

sometimes i wonder if he lieks the taste of it that way better...

weird cats.. lol
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It is great he gives you a warning. You have time to get a rag under his mouth so he can barf on the rag.
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