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UTI's, can they cause leaking?

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MY Princess Gina is being treated by her vet for a UTI. I noticed she had a bit of crusty stuff (sorry to gross you out) down there. She's not done with the Clavamox yet, but it still is there. The vet said she had a mild UtI and a few crystals, and we are working on changing her diet. Has anyone else seen this problem with a UTI? She seems normal enough. She is only 7.
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Yes, I believe some cats do develop a "crust" there when they have URI's. I would call the vet and ask them how to take care of it

Good luck! One of mine is battling a URI now too. Best wishes for a fast recovery for Gina
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Makes perfect sense, though I didn't see it in mine. Though if they are straining and just eliminating little bits sometimes you would think that could happen...poor thing. Don't you wish you had a magic wand??
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You can clean the area with warm water and gently wipe away what could be the crystals.
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thanks for the replies, and thanks so much Vet tech, I just didnt know what that was, and I didnt know why Gina wasn't cleaning herself.
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Yep, mine just got over a UTI and I had to clean her up several times until the dribbling stopped. I found a bowl of warm water and a sponge worked best, although she absolutely hated it. I'm sure it was a combination of her being sore and just not liking me washing her, but we managed to get the job done. Also, Nature's Miracle makes a wipe that is save for the anal region, and those helped too. The Nature's Miracle spray worked well for the pee smell that started to take over the house during her UTI. It's worth it's weight in gold! Good luck to your kitty for a speedy recovery and no more UTI's.
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