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Here is Bentely

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He's so cute!
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Love the stripes!
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What a beauty!
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What cuties! So huggable!
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Theresa, are these kitties all yours??? They are soo cute!

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Aww Love those photos! Give them lots of scritches and kisses from me!

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Bentely is quite a handsome fellow. You are quite lucky to have such lovely "owners"!
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I was having a hard time posting pics on my PC , so , I asked DragonLady to please post my babies for me . Mucho appreciado sweetie !

The first is Sir Bentley , He's the one with the urinary / defacating problem . He's newly apopted !

The second is ROGER . He's my Baby Boy . He's 14 and has a broken leg . On the mend though !

The third is Maryann , I lost her a few months ago by a car . I asked Dragon Lady to please include her as she is still my "Baby girl" , ya know ? She is the reason that I adopted Sir Bentley .
He was a Shelter kittie ready to be put down cause of his age . He's only 2 ! But the house favorite so they kept him a week later and I just so happened to get there on time !
Just having a few Behavioral probs with him , but , I'm sure we'll work things out .

Speaking of which , I found at the Vet some spray for kittie and doggie problems . It's called "VET SOLUTIONS" and it's for mess-ups on carpet , fabric and upholstery . I used it today and it's WONDERFUL , took away all the smell and clean up was a breeze !


Rebecca P.
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Thank you Thank you *takes a bow* I do what I can! These kitties are just grand! I was glad to help share them!
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Pretty kitties!
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Rebecca, they are all just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us.
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Rebecca, Maryann looks like Whiskers! She's very pretty. I'm glad you included her. And I'm sorry for your loss....

All the pictures are great. But of course, I'm partial to Maryann....
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Rebecca, your cats are just beautiful! I am so sorry to hear about your loss, though. Thanks Teresa for posting them for us to see!
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