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Need advice, better with me or someone else?

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I need your thoughts, my friends.

I have a ten year old Yorkie who has been with me since she was a pup. When she was about a year old, I left my husband, who managed our business from home; since then I have grown to deeply regret not getting her a companion. Jasmine is home alone all day, Monday through Friday, for at least ten hours. When my daughter lived with me, Jaz was only alone for about 7 and a half hours (and that was too long, then), but Kim moved out last November and it's only me now.

Jasmine is clearly, understandably!, lonely. And when I get home, she's all up on me with the saddest eyes I've ever seen. To make matters worse, now that my kids are gone, I've finally begun taking dance lessons (as I've wanted to do all my life) and that's a minimum of three nights a week I'm only home long enough to feed everyone and take Jaz out before I'm gone again, to return shortly before going to bed.

My furbaby is suffering. As a Yorkie, I know I could be discriminating enough to find her a home that has other Yorkies and a stay at home parent. What I don't know is if, after ten years with me, Jasmine would feel abandoned if I did so. She has plenty of life left, would she be happier as she is, staying with the only family she has ever known, or happier losing that family but gaining a better day to day companionship?

Any thoughts and/or experiences you may have would be very, very welcome. This is breaking my heart - I love her and don't want her unhappy. Nor do I want to lose her. I just don't know what the right thing to do is. I got her (and my kitties) with the intention of caring for her for life. But certainly not at the cost of her happiness! I've tried to find someone who could take her out for a walk or spend some time with her mid-morning/afternoon, but have been totally unsuccessful. Nor can I afford to send her to a daycare, the expense is just insane.

What would you do?
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I don't think you should re-home her. It is hard to find a home for a senior dog. Is there any possibility of adopting another yorkie or small dog? A dog that is around her age.

They can keep each other company and play during the day but if you adopt an older one that is close to her age you won't have the puppy issues and most older dogs are house broken.

Maybe she just needs a pal other than the cats to keep her company.
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I honestly wouldn't re-home her. I know it will be hard on her, she is unhappy because she loves you so. Perhaps adopt another doggie companion?

Or else get a recording of your voice, call home & leave messages on your answering machine(only you will know you're a dork ), or get one of those talking toys where you can record your voice.
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I wouldn't rehome her!! She's older, and she's not gonna do well with it, at all.. Depression the whole gammitt.

Can you adopt another senior dog that is small.. There are alot of not wanted senior dogs out there, that need good homes.. A companion makes a world of difference..

We ran into the same problem with Sheba,, she was soo lonely, and we got her a friend, and the two of them can't be happier... with or without us..
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I wouldnt re home her .. what about contacting yorkie rescue and getting her a companion?? or taking her to puppy daycare....
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i think rehoming her at her age is cruel. she has lived with you her entire life and she just wouldn't understand. at her age she most likely wouldn't adjust well to being rehomed. all of the senior dogs we've had at our shelter that have been owner surrenders seem to get sooo stressed out- and when they're stressed- their immunue systems go downhill and they are susspetiable to illness (not good at their age). what i would suggest instead of rehoming her is to look into getting a companion for her similar to her age that she will get along with. there are numerous small dog rescues and quite a few yorkie rescues around the US.
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Now there's a good solution -- daycare! She'd get to have friends, she'd get to ride in the car with you every day, and she'd still have you to sleep with at night. What more could a dog ask?
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I'm tending to agree with everyone else. A second dog would definitely help feed the need for socialness. Rehoming her, yes, would do that, however like everyone has stated, don't do it at that age.

Is there someone in the neighborhood (i.e. a kid) that you trust to come over and perhaps play with her for an hour? Then that will help break up her day.
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I agree with getting her a buddy if you can. I am home all day, but because Karma and Boo have each other, I might as well be at an office. They spend all day together and only occasionally come in to check on me and then run off together again... so a buddy might be a good idea
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I am going to agree with everyone-re homing her would just be cruel! A dog that old wouldnt ever adjust, I dont think.

Maybe doggie day care? Or a play mate?

I wish you the best in whatever you decide.
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Thanks everyone, for taking the time to give me your opinions. I appreciate it!

I think there may be some misunderstanding here, however - I am totally NOT looking to rehome my beloved furbaby, I was/am seeking the advice of pet lovers like me, who are NOT emotionally involved (as I am), to determine what course would make my Jasmine the happiest. If finding her a new home, with a stay-at-home parent and maybe a companion yorkie or two, was the way to do that, then I was willing, for her sake, to give her up. That was not and is not my desire. I only know Jaz is lonely now and I don't want her sad.

So, to those who gave suggestions - thanks! As I said, doggie daycare is not an option for me, due to the cost (gotta love MA), nor is getting another dog (my landlord would kick me out just for thinking about it). I have tried, for months, to find someone to come and be with Jaz, maybe take her out and play with her during lunch, but have, to date, been unsuccessful.

However, one of my coworkers, a pet lover like the rest of us, suggested contacting my vet's office to network. I will be doing that tomorrow; it worked for her, perhaps it will work for me.

Thanks again, everyone, for taking the time to advise me!!!

(And WhiteCatLover - you're too funny. I think worrying about what my family thinks of me at this late date....well, hey, they're the ones who gave me my sign on name! )
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Then by all means be a dork & call home to leave messages for your doggie!
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Have you called all the doggy daycares? Would maybe a half day be an option for you? Either take her in the Am and pick her up at lunch or take her at lunch and pick her up in the PM. We have $10 half days, but thats just the one I work at.
Hopefully you can find a way to keep her and yourself happy!
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by all means, please do not re-home her. She would be so lost and confused. you have had her since she was a puppy and it wouldn't be fair to her for you to re-home her. you took her in for the rest of her life. Get her a dog buddy to play with if she's lonely. or check out doggy daycares in your area. good luck!
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Contacting your vet is a VERY good idea. There may be someone out there that would be willing to have your pup come over during the day at little or no expense, or would be able to come over for an hour or so a day to walk and entertain.

Have you talked to your landlord about it and explained the situation? He may be willing to allow another dog if he/she is older and housebroken.

Bottom line, I don't think you pup would be happier if you found a home with a stay at home parent. You are the only family she's ever know so she will always be happier with you, even if you can't be with her as much as she (or you) would like.

BTW...I LOVE your user name!
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I would most definitely get the poor thing a buddy.
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