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Rocket "Chirping Chappie"

Mica "Princess of the World"

Hopey "PA to Princess of the World"

I guess Hopey's is more of a job title but it works!
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I used to have a "Dumped in The Swedish Mountain Cat", she's black.
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For two days now I've been trying to come up with one of these. They are awful...DO NOT JUDGE MY HUMOUR BY THESE UNEXCITING BREED NAMES

Ziggy: Midnight Bare Leg Attacker, the tortie and white variety

Link: I'm Too Cute to be Given Away, the orange and white variety (I'm sure many of you have those)

Diego: Hug me or I'll Hide, the orange and white variety

Lola: I'm Telling Mummy if you Pick me up, the black and white tabby variety

Pixie: Baby Princess Fighting Off the Boys: the Tortie and white variety

(The last 4 are 3 weeks old and this is what Ive got out of them so far, so these are subject to change)
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Well Ling would be a Magic Barn Cat (cause of her 3-4 color changes) She's one of the only known 5 cats that is this breed - the rest are her brothers/sisters who did the same color changes!
Maybe she was a "Mood Ling"...changing colors with her mood.
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Maybe she was a "Mood Ling"...changing colors with her mood.
Excellent, Excellent!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post

Mia has a biblical breed name of Coat of Many Colors

I wondered what Frankie would have been know as in biblical times!

Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
This thread is HILARIOUS! I am laughing so hard I am crying.

Stomper... is a Nature's Miracle or more commonly known as the "Watch me Pee-pee". I know I am SO lucky to have such a rare sought after breed
Oh, Frankie also falls under this breed as well. Don't you feel so privileged to share you home (and carpets) with this lovely creature?!
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My new foster Akasha is one of the lesser known Grumpus Under-Bed Troll kitties, of the black long-haired variety
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Mia has a biblical breed name of Coat of Many Colors

oooooooh! that's what my Java is, too! i know i said something else, but that's such a good description!
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Ginger, torbie, is a "Caged Brindle Domesticus" (shelter rescue)

Ferris, orange tiger, is a "Billerica Backwoods Bouncer" (feral rescue)

and, of course,

Penny, a.k.a. Tigris Picassos Penchant, is a purebred, papered princess (Bengal)

I have no imagination.
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Portia is a Warehouse Bottle Baby Screamer - Found in a warehouse at the tender age of 2 days

Diesel is I wannabeanonlycat Devil Kitty
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Carly is a Limp Tailed Sweetheart Tabby.
Lucy is a Sassy Vet Baby Tortie.
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Lucky is a tri-colored bottlefed lawnkitty (tortie white I found on the lawn a few hours old)
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Twix is a "U Dun It Again" cat (the kind that never fails to get pregnant RIGHT before you get them spayed. (White with tabby, I think...)

Tucker was formerly an "Oriental-Eyed Mousey-Furred Squaller" but is now my "Knee-High Stockings" boy. (Black with faint tabby markings.)

Peep is the commonplace "Caline"'s known for its doglike characteristics (mostly in behavior). (Brown tabby.)

Ragamuffin, Viking, and Sunflower are "Half-and-Half" kittens. (Black and white.)

Lady Chirrup is a "Toaster Oven Tabby" (they never fail to melt your heart). (Brown tabby.)

Ditto is a "Mismatched Monkey-Faced Oddball". (White with tabby-striped spots.)
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These are all great! everybody please keep posting. I need my daily laugh.

I swear I have to remember not to take a drink of anything before I read this thread.
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Dinah is the Alienus Felidae. She came to earth on a flying saucer and decided she would stay.

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You all have wonderful names!
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