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Ike & the cats next door

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My next-door neighbor lets her cats out into her backyard. They are two large, yellow tabbies. Every time that they are out, Ike goes over to our common fence and tries to get them to come play with him. He prances around, wags his tail and "talks" to them.

They are not impressed, by Ike. They no longer hiss and spit at him but, they taunt him. One climbs the tree, next to the fence and the other one reclines close by. Poor Ike is so desperate, to get them to play, he falls all over himself. For a little diversion, the cats run along the fenceline, which makes Ike run with them. I swear that they are thinking, "Look at what we can make this dumb dog do!"

Pearl gets into it, a little bit but, soon gets bored and goes off to play with her toys. She knows that she'll get her playtime with Rowdy, in the evening.
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I used to have a dog that LOVED to chase and bark at cats. One day a cat came into our yard and off she went with the "tough dog" attitude. This kitty wasn't impressed. It just stood there looking at our dog who was quickly getting confused. She slowed her charge looking very distressed.. stopped... then turned and ran back into the house! We laughed ourselves sick! She never chased cats again!
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I had a Black Lab who that happened to,he never chased any thing after that!!
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There was this Chow that would come in our yard to do his business, and Fred just hated it. I heard this awful ruckus outside, and there was Fred, riding this big dog down the driveway, the dog screaming at the top of his lungs. We never saw that dog again. Fred just sauntered back up like he was King of the Hill.
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Ike looks so pathetic - like a little kid, who's not allowed out to play. It doesn't help that those two taunt him.

Ike likes cats. He and Rowdy romp and he and Opie have an understanding - Ike doesn't sniff Opie's butt and Opie doesn't rip Ike's nose off.
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LOl that is so cute!

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Just more proof that cats are smarter than dogs.
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LOL Brenda, I knew someone was going to say that!

I agree, though I love my dumb dog anyway!! Actually, I always thought Bella was smart until we got Pepper!
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We always knew that Ike was not the brightest bulb in sign. But, how smart does a housedog have to be? As long as he can find the food bowl and the back door, he's set for life.

Actually, Pearl is smarter than Ike. She plays tricks on him and he falls for the same ones, every time. Must be the difference, between a purebred and a dog of undetermined origin. (I am told that "mutt" is no longer politically correct ).
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