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A Groom with a View

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My issue is similar to that of the thread below on eyelashes.

At night, my 5-month-old kitten Sammie likes to perch above my head on the pillow and groom me, i.e., lick my hair/scalp.

As flattered as I am by this expression of affection--at least I *think* it's an expression of affection--it's a bit irritating and causes me a concern.

My hair is thinning and it's possible that she could ingest some of my hair. She does this every night. Is this safe for a kitten? Can kittens cough up human hairballs? Or digest the hair?

Also, without banishing the kitten from my room, does anyone have a suggestion as to how I could discourage this behavior? It's cute and adorable in theory, but not particularly pleasant for me. She's got a seriously rough tongue.

And finally, is there any explanation beyond the obvious--she's grooming one of her family members?

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Can you wear some kind of cap that would keep your hair in place overnight until she forgets about it - something like a wide hair band (though she probably would pull at it!)? How about plopping a small pillow on your head (or would she burrow underneath?). Could you have a toy of some kind (they sell furry toy mice at the big pet stores - my cat loves hers and grooms it) to come between her and your head when she starts up?
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I also would suggest a night cap or tie hair back and a stuffed animal or faux fur item that is soft but not dangerous. Maia adopted a faux fur vest of mine when she was a kitten, she would bite and suckle it while kneading, sooo cute!
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I wish I had enough hair to really "do" something with it! I tend to move around a lot at night, so it would probably be tough to put something on or near my head to dissuade or distract her.

That said, the faux fur item is a good idea...I'll give it a try.

Thanks for your responses.
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