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Binx is driving me up the walls and I need your help!

Ok, he has this really bad habit of taking whatever he considers a "toy" and putting it in the waterbowl. Sometimes it's a ball, but it's usually a large scrap of fleece(which, unfortunately, tends to suck up a lot of water really fast) that he steals from me while I'm sewing. He also sticks my chain "dogtag" necklace in the waterdish too(it's a cheap, free nechlace that I got, but I like it).

Now it's doesn't seem too bad, right. I mean, big whoop, I can just take the stuff out...WRONG!

He not only puts the stuff in, but he puts it in, lets it sit for a couple minutes, then comes and takes it back out and drags it around the apartment! GRRR!!!!! Do you have any idea how much of a mess a soaking wet piece of fleece can make?

So, summed up, he puts his toys, my jewelry, and any fabric he can get his paws on, into the water bowl. He then returns a couple minutes later and drags the item around the apartment. Once the item is somewhat dry, he puts it BACK in the water dish to "refresh" it.

Can someone please help me?!?!?!

Oh yeah, I tried taking away all his toys and he proceeded to dig through his water dish "looking" for them, so that's not going to work.
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aww bless him, he wants you to think he just made a fresh kill for youyour his mum after all
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Well, the next time I wake up at 2 in the morning to feed the kittens and I step in a puddle of water I may very well show him what a "fresh kill" is, lol!(just kidding...sorta)
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Aww he's playing that's all
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Sorry ... but that IS hilarious!

As my screen name says, I have three kids. You learn to put things AWAY or UP HIGH, so they cannot reach them. Consequently, I have NO IDEA where our THREE digital cameras are, anymore (no pix of the kids)!!! And I can never find a pen or pencil ... let alone a permanent marker.

Binx sounds like a hoot. I can understand your annoyance though. Maybe you could teach him to use a lick-valve bottle instead?

Cats tend to outgrow these little idiosyncrasies, and then you miss em. Walter hoarded stuff till he was about 3. Socks, sponges ... car keys ... and suddenly he stopped it!
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That' is soo funny!!!!

I know it's frustrating,, but it's so funny..

I've learned the hardway with a 5 year old and two cats to put things up high or they go missing.. My cats like to take toy mice, keys, and paper and hide them under things.. It's useless to even think you can give thema toy they'll play with...

Binx sounds like a cutey.. They do grow out of it.. Unfortunately..
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Hailey likes to throw her toys both in the toilet and the water dish. I keep all the seats down when I can, but sometimes my roommates forget and 15 minutes later a toy mouse in in the toilet. She even meows at the toilet when it's closed because she wants me to lift it!! She's growing out of the water bowl thing a bit though. You're just going to be more careful with your scraps until he (hopefully) grows out of it.
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Well, I have 5 ferrets, so stealing and hiding is part of my everyday life, lol.

Also, one of my ferrets likes to puf his toys in the food dish and USED to put is treats in the waterdish, but thanfully he stopped.

I know it's hilarious and if I was a "third party" I've be laughing my brains out, but when I'm the one stepping in puddles of water every day it gets a little nerve grating, lol.

He never used to do this, then Cleo came here(she's gone now, she finally found a permanent home) and she taught him to play with the water. Then he figured out all on his own to put the toys and stuff in there. Grr...darnit Cleo!
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I'm sorry for laughing, but it's just too funny!!

Spencer used to leave his "offerings" in the water dish, too. Thankfully, he outgrew it (although he still does take the pieces of dry food out of the bowl and drop it on the floor to eat! ). The only suggestion I have is to put the stuff away where he can't possibly get to it. I know that sometimes it's easier said than done, b/c they're not stupid and usually find a way no matter WHAT you do - it's worse than having kids! But ya gotta "child-proof" your home w/ the cats - just the same as ya gotta do it for kids!!

Reading this reminds me of the "black hole" theory: just where the heck does all their toys & such disappear to when you have cats??? Even the big stuff that they manage to drag off???

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KittKatt I dunno about YOUR house, but only SOME of it made it to the spot under the guest room bed, at mine!
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I laughed a lot when I read your post even though it must be a real pain; things that seem cute at first get very annoying after a while!! What if you left water out for him in a glass and it would make it harder for him to drop things in? I'm just suggesting this because Harry won't drink out of his bowl, he'll only drink out of glasses (usually mine ). If you don't mind using a couple of glasses around the house it might stop him a little anyway!!
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I can't use a glass, he would just tip it over. That's why I got him a dog bowl, because he can't tip it.
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Originally Posted by 4meezers3kids View Post
KittKatt I dunno about YOUR house, but only SOME of it made it to the spot under the guest room bed, at mine!
Well, i don't know where the "black hole" is in my home! I've looked EVERYWHERE, and I mean everywhere - under furniture, kitchen appliances, beds, tables, even in the closets - you name it, and I still haven't located it!!

I'm tellin' ya, there's a black hole in every cat owners' home - in which only THEY know about!

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