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funny habits!

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Just wondering what funny habits your cats have?

We have 2 cats. Kermitte, the 2 year old female, will stalk me when I eat popcorn. I'm sitting quietly on the sofa, munching away (I have to hide the bowl, because our nitwit dog will stare at me and drool all over the floor if she sees me eating! ). Kermitte doesn't stalk me for anything else but popcorn! If I look at her, she'll freeze wherever she is and wait for me to look away ("If I stay motionless... She can't see me... even if I don't even remotely blend in with anything around me!":laughing2) Kermitte will also stalk you if you look at her from around a corner. And if you make the mistake of staying put and peeking around the corner a second time, there she is! And she'll leap at you!

Elmo, our 4 month old male, is the incredible retrieving cat! He'll get a toy from downstairs, carry it upstairs in his teeth and play with it. He carries around ropes, a piece of cloth we call his "rat" and we've even seen him carry up an empty spool of thread in his teeth! He also likes to ambush doors. If a closed door swings open, WHAM, he's there, trapping it in his paws and chewing on it!! (is he part rabbit? does he feel the need to gnaw on wood to keep his teeth sharp? :laughing2) He also seems to have a fetish for our dog's tail. If poor Dixie wags her tail, lies down, or just sits and leaves her tail unguarded, Elmo will hug it and lick away at it!:tounge2:
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Peedoodle will do that stalking thing, he will slowly walk towards me and if I look, he stops, thinking I cannot see him, so I look away and he will come closer. He is soo funny!

Kahu follows me everywhere. But I think it is because he is deaf and he likes to feel safe, knowing that I am around.
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Nakita loves potato chips and will mow you down just to get a lick of one.

The funniest thing she has done was try to climb our French Doors! She got up to the third pane of glass then fell down. She still looks up at the doors with this look on her face: 'One day, I'm going to climb you!'

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Ed has a wierd thing about popcorn. He eats the first one, licks the second one, and ignores the third one. The same thing every time. No more, no less.
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Snowball likes to sit on my lap while I type on the computer. He also likes to lay right in front of the monitor. He usually ends up going back and forth between my lap and the monitor and sometimes he ends up just standing right on my keyboard while I'm typing. When he really gets in the way (a cat getting in the way is that even possible??????) I put him down on the floor and then he comes right back and it starts all over again.
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After 16 years with the same cat it's hard to know where to start. She has a lot of strange food behaviors. The funniest one was when we still lived with my parents Smokey could smell a turkey as soon as it came out of the freezer. I'm not kidding with in minuets of it being out of the freezer she would come running from where ever she was in the house & follow my mom around all day until that turkey was done & she could have some skin (not the meat mind you,just the skin)

Now her favorite thing is to stand in the middle of the kitchen just after I go to bed, & meow like someone is pulling her hair out one piece at a time. Although that description doesn't even do the noise that she makes justice. Her other favorite time to do that is just before I get up for work in the morning.
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With two cats, it also hard to know where to begin....
Aiden, my 9 mounth old kitten will do any number of things. He loves to get on the comupter chair and have someone spin him around (gently). If he has a new toy that he really likes he will growl at our other cat (with the toy safely in his mouth)whenever he thinks he's too near. I have discovered there is very little he won't eat (including lemons, yuck!) He loves to chew on things, especially power cords which is destructive and dangerous. (I am really at my wits end about that) He loves to come up on the computer and play with the cursor when you move it around. He sometimes likes to play, what I term poop hockey. (hopefully he will grow out of this and the cord chewing) And he sleeps in a special home made cat bed for the entire night (ususually)
Ashke, our beutiful 5 year old maine coon, loves to scream when he plays. He was worse when he was a kitten. He would just be screaming at the top of his lungs, any hour of the day. He wouldn't give himself a bath when he was little, thank goodnss he has grown out of that. He used to chase his tail around his scratching post until he caught it. Now he wakes me at 5:30 am so I can get up and pet him while he eats his dry food (He's not spoiled, really!) LOL! ;-) He also used to suckle his own paw, and has just recently grown out of that. He loves to go into the bedroom by himself and knead on the blanket on our bed. He'll do this for about 5 minutes purring away. Also, he snores.
They are both soooo cute. I just love them to pieces.
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I have 3 cats and all 3 are hilarious. Zebra (1 1/2 yrs old female)is the ANGEL while Spike and Buddy (8 month old brothers- same litter)are DEMONS but I ADORE them all!! they know they rule me.

Spike tend to steal stuff- take a big blanket or towel in his mouth and try to run off with it. He looks so funny whenever he does that. That means I find things in odd places and often would have to look ALL OVER to find something I need. About 3 weeks ago, the Jesus Christ statue from the navity set has disappeared and I am 90% sure it was Spike! I still haven't found that statue. Whenever I set out the clothes drying rack, Spike would climb up to the top (4 rods on the top) then try to walk around on it like he's on a tightrope for a few hours! He also loves to run and jump up on the doorway and slide down (leaving claw marks on the doorway!)

Buddy (Spike's brother)insists on jumping up on me and ride on my shoulders 50% of time at home even when I am walking or trying to get dressed. Sometimes Spike and Buddy both would get up on my back then have a wrestling match on my back until one is pushed off. Buddy also likes to start running through the apt like he's crazy then jump/bounce off my back (I've dropped some things sometimes when he does that due to being SURPRISED)!! He also likes to attack my slippers whenever I wear them. He also LOVES to shove his head into my shoes right after I take them off and sniff like crazy.

Spike and Buddy have broken 3 floor lamps, a glass candle holder, glass from a picture frame so far in the last 8 months-that's why I sometimes call them my beloved demons!!

Zebra LOVES to slam herself against the sliding door whenever she sees a stray cat on the deck and would continuously paw at the door to try to scare the strays away. She also considers the cat tree top shelf HERS and if one of the others dare to get on that shelf, Zebra would get up there and start pushing them off with her nose! Also, whenever I take the top off from the litterbox and put it on the floor before I clean the litterbox, Zebra would go into the top part on the floor and sit there (hiding) until I am done then when I remove the top, she'd take off running like a dog was chasing her!
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I used to have a cat (Tigerlillly) who absolutely *adored* the smell of those deep-heat medicines that you put on sore muscles. She'd weave between your ankles and meooooww loudly and purred because she just loved the stuff.

My little cat Artemis can catch a ball like a baseball player! You wad up a paper or something and throw it high up in the air, and she will leap up, and catch it between her paws. We call her "Sammy Sosa" when she does it ... She also might hear a baby cry on TV, and she will crawl and climb up and around the speakers to try and console the poor thing
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Each of my cats have their own funny habit, but for now I'll just do two of my kitties!


She always has to sleep right on top of my face. I'll be trying to go to sleep and then all of the sudden, Twinkles is on my face. When I put her on the ground, she runs to the T.V, jumps on top of it and falls asleep. After a couple minutes of sleeping, she falls off the T.V and runs back to my face!


Peppurr LOVES to suckle. He suckles on anyones arm he can find! He also likes to stalk me when I'm eating Maccaroni and Cheese. He'll sit beside me until I'm done eating it, I get up to put the dish in the sink and he cries until I set it on the floor!
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Ophelia loves to snuggle when she sleeps, and she likes to snuggle with my other kitty Trent. Sometimes she will go up to where he is snoozing and force her way into snuggling. LOL She's about half his size, but I've seen her scootch him over on the cat tree with her head until there's enough room for her to snuggle up to him.

When this happens, sometimes Trent gets rather annoyed and would prefer to sleep alone. He's learned that he get's yelled at if he chews on Ophelia, so instead he will start licking her head - the wrong way. About half the time it works and she gets annoyed and leaves, but if she's really intent on snuggling she's lay there and close her eyes like it's the best thing in the world.
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(Crazy-Cat-Lover, I love the name of your cat! Peppurr!! )

Sammy does this weird kind of flop. He'll be standing straight up on all 4 legs, then if you talk to him, he puts his head on the ground (still standing up on all 4's, then he'll just flop over onto his side real hard - just falls! He is 18 pounds and when he does this, the nic nacs will rattle on all the furniture! And if you are in the basement, you just hear "BOOM!" and it sounds like someone dropped a bowling ball!
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My 7 month old cat Silas's favorite game is "chase mommy thru the house". When I get home from work every day, he is always ready to pay. So after he greets me, he will run away and stalk me from under something. I pretend to look for him, and he'll jump out at me. We run thru the house chasing each other back and forth. Its so cute. The other cute thing he does is when we give him some catnip, he won't walk on the floor. He lays on his side and drags himself with his claws. LOL its hilarious!
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Velocity: She likes to play catch. She'll bring me a toy mouse and I'll throw it. She'll chase it down, bring it back, plop in on the floor next to me, and stare at the toy until I throw it again.

Cadence: Attacks my legs when I walk. I'll be walking across the room, and she'll fly out of nowhere and leap at my legs. She's good though, because she does not use her claws when she does that.

Both cats: Have a weird obsession with sink drains. The pulled the little plastic stopper out of a bathroom sink and we couldn't find the thing. We had to buy a new drain stop.
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Oh my gosh! Silas did the same thing to our sink! He chewed our stopper tho. I heard a strange noise in the bathroom one day, so i walked over and turned on the light. Of course he had this "what? i didn't do it" look on his face. lol
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