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Bathing a Cat

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Bless it's heart!!!
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My ex-girlfriend used to bath my Cosmo now and again, but it wasn't pretty, that pic reminds me of those days. I now don't think cats need baths at all, so I'm glad I don't have to torture him or me.
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Did the human live? We'll need to know where to send a card...
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oh my goodness... poor kitty.

I notice alot of people on here bathe their cats... why is that?

My cats bathe themselves & do quite a good job & are always soft & shiny... I just wondered if I'm missing something...
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That is Soooo! not right!
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OMG, that looks challenging how long did it take to remove kitty from the wall?? we are lucky that Indie never does that - he paddles like a dog!
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