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Friday DT

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Kind of late, getting started, today.

Had to go to the library. A bunch of my reserves came in, all at once. One of them is Patricia Cornwell's "Portrait of a Killer". She claims to have identified Jack the Ripper.

Bill and I start our dance classes, tonight. We can use the exercise. Bill has accused me of shrinking his belt and pants, since Christmas.

We're off, to my parents' house, this afternoon. My dad wants Bill to diagnose a problem, with my mom's car. My dad offered to pay Bill but, there's no way he'd take money from my parents. He won't even let me pay for oil and filters, when he services my car. We have an "arrangement" for the labor charges.

Have a good weekend.
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We were at 50 a few days ago and today...it is nowing and like 20 AHHH! But that is alright when all you have to do is look at it from the inside OUT!

I am still battling this sore throat thing. I SWEAR I caught something from that sore throat thread! It was hard to even open my mouth this morning to look in it. My mother wants me to go to the doctor, but without health insurance and no job, we just cannot afford it so I am just going to wait it out a few days.

Ashley has been doing REALLY well on her rationed out food. She has been getting a 1/2 a cup a day (just short of that) and her dish was empty this morning! She dind't whine or beg or anything to eat so I am thinking she eats out of boredom! Maybe I have solved the weight issue!
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Its another quiet day for me, I am being bad and munching on a Cadbury's chocolate bar while drinking coffee.
Did some exercising and watched Surprise By Design (I love home improvement shows)
I saw the programme about Patricia Cornwell identifying Jack the Ripper, it was quite interesting, she was very thorough. I wont reveal the killer in case you havent learned who it is.
I am hoping to rent Signs tonight! Yummy Mel Gibson.
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Lately I've been talking about my money problems and how I'm so broke. I was off on Christmas Vacation from Dec. 22 - Jan.2 unpaid, so I haven't had any money at all! Someone has to be sending some luck my way!Two ladies came in today looking for items for a give away. (I work at a wholesale distribution warehouse, people usually don't come in because items are sold direct market ie. independent distributors) I sold them $110.00 dollars worth of merchandise and made $77.00!!! My boss gave me $10.00 this morning for helping him out. I get a $100.00 bonus tonight for reaching my quota for interviews! Next Wendsday I'll get another $100.! I made $187.00 today + I got my pay check yesterday which was more than I was suppose to get. They gave me 40hrs instead of 24hrs for last week.I'm so happy I could scream! I can actually pay my bills and have enough for my trip to L.A. next week! It's really cold and snowing like a blizzard!
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Don't rent Signs!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, remember I'm the one who really gives movies a critical eye. I saw Signs on Tuesday! Ick! I was soooo disappointed. It starts out good, but then gets ridiculous thereafter.

Oh, the disappointment. Oh, the failed expectations!

But Mel still looked good! And the little girl who plays his daughter is adorable!

So, my search will continue for a very, very scary movie!

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Carrie, we're having similiar weather in Minnesota right now. Tuesday and Wednesday the temperature was +50 also and it was soooo fantastic!!!!!! Then a stupid Artic cold front came into our area, and right now the temperature is about +10, with strong, gusty NW winds. Fortunately, we don't have any snow on the ground which would make it feel even worse!!!!!
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Yay, Nenners! That's great to hear!

?! I heard Signs was really good. Hmmmm... I really want to rent a couple of films tomorrow and hide in my room with a couple of movies, a book, a magazine, and the cats. The recluse in me coming out.

But, best of all... It's FRIDAY!! As soon as I get my video editted and the powerpoint done it the weekend! Teehee. I'm positively giddy!
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I would NOT rent this movie again. Mel Gibson is HOT. The little girl IS REALLY cute and it builds up some suspense, but what a freakin' STUPID story line it comes out to be! HOW DUMB! The moral of the story is kind of cool, though.

I had to laugh because Roger had nightmares about the "enemy" in this movie. Apparently I was abducted by them! :LOL:

But, really.....I wouldn't waste my money.
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and one other thing about the movie.....

As much as I was disappointed, I thought they did a good job adding some humor to the nature of the movie. I did find myself laughing.
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Well - things went really well today at the "must talk to firm." Now they've got to meet the rest of the Department (Monday) and we'll see what happens. It sure seems like Gary and I will have signed contracts somewhere within the next couple of weeks on the outside.

...and about signs.... Gary and I are REALLY picky about movies, and like VERY FEW new ones. We almost never go to movies in the theatre, and I hate to say it, but I find most recent "blockbuster" movies to be unwatchable (and when I say "recent," I mean like the past 10 years!!!!)

I really liked Lord of the Rings, HATED Star Wars I and hated II worse (I mean - could they have cast WORSE actors????? And puhlease - it was supposed to be THE CLONE WARS, "HELLO!" - NOT the love story of Annakin and Idiot) - but I LOVED the original three from the 70s/early 80s. There are some other exceptions, but they're not coming to mind. For many years, we always tried to rent the new stuff - but it was just disappointment after disappointment, and now we don't even bother.

Carrie640 - I know how tight things must be to not see a Doctor. But isn't your voice your career? PLEASE be careful!!!!!!!!!
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Originally posted by LDG
Gary and I are REALLY picky about movies, and like VERY FEW new ones............ HATED Star Wars I and hated II worse (I mean - could they have cast WORSE actors????? And puhlease - it was supposed to be THE CLONE WARS, "HELLO!" - NOT the love story of Annakin and Idiot)

Rob and I probably rent 2-3 movies a month. One small movie I really liked was Memento with Guy Pearce. It totally had a unique plot and kept me interested. You might want to try renting that the next time your out.

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I loved Memento!!!! It was fabulous! But - it wasn't a movie I'd ever heard advertised, didn't even know it had ever been in theatres, never seen a trailer for it, etc. etc. etc. Was it actually a blockbuster flick?

We really do have strange taste in movies though. We rented The Big Lebowski - and didn't like it very much the first time. I don't know why we rented it again - Oh - I remember. Marty (a friend of Gary's) was coming up for Thanksgiving, and Gary thought Marty would really enjoy it. It has a very strange, offbeat sense of humor. But I really enjoyed Jeff Bridges in it. And I normally don't like John Goodman, but he was so his character in that movie (a Vietnam War Vet), and not John Goodman. I even like the tunes in the movie - and...well... right now, I'd have to say it's on the top of my current "favorites" list.
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Yes, radio is my career and I really should go. I have noticed, though, that it all feels WORSE at night? Isn't that weird? I wonder why that is. Thanks for looking out for me I think that is why I love it here so much!
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A day late and a dollar short as usual, but I had to comment on the movies.

I saw Signs quite a while ago and I actually liked it. I'm not usually into that type of movie, but I thought it was suspenseful and well made. Of course, I also really like Joaquin Phoenix, so him + Mel = a movie I will sit through no matter what the storyline.

Laurie, I totally agree on the new Star Wars. I don't know what Lucas was thinking, although I do understand putting the love story in. If Padme and Anakin don't fall in love then there is no Luke and Leia. Rumor has it that Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) is considering directing the 3rd movie, which I think may be the only way to salvage this trilogy.

Kassandra, I've heard that The Ring is a really scary movie. Not the blood and gore type horror film, but the give you nightmares type. I haven't seen it, but a good friend of mine gave it rave reviews and she's pretty picky.
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