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I went and visited a friend of mine last weekend. She has a gorgeous tiny little gentleman of a cat. His name is Flynn and he's tiny! He gets mistaken for a kitten all the time but is 10 years old now.

He showed up at her doorstep as a 9 month old stray ten years ago, moved in and neither of them has looked back since.

I couldn't get over how tiny he is. He fit on one thigh when he was catloafing on my lap and didn't take up all the space from my hip to my knee. Also picking him up he felt like he was around a third of Nikita's weight. I'm not the best at judging weights though but yeah, he's adorable and so so tiny.
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He's cute. You can certainly tell he's tiny!
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awww, he is super tiny and super adorable!!
my bayley is just as tiny & i love it!
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He's a little sweetheart! I love the white whiskers.
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eeee!!!! He is PERFECT! Kinda like a "mini" kitty 'Kitten'-like forever, that's the best kind. I'd LOVE one of those!
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I just love his white little feet!!!
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What a beautiful, tiny boy! He definitely looks the size of a kitten...I wouldh ave mistaken him or one. And your photos are lovely as always.
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what a gorgeous little kitten sized cat i love the 'tickle-my-tum' picture
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Originally Posted by Siggav View Post

That little cat strikes me as a very regal and proud feline.
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What a handsome kitty! Love his cotton socks!
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Well, all I can say is when Gette saw his pictures, she rubbed her face on my PC screen...she's in love.
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Look at all those whiskies! He certainly is a handsome boy

My sister has a mini-cat too. They are super cute!
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