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Guinea Pigs!

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I spent a weekend visiting a friend of mine who has two female guinea pigs. They are adorably cute and their bellies are so squishy! They also make the cutest noises.

I had lots of fun photographing them.

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Oh look at her jowls in the first photo! How cute is that?

The tricolour is beautiful, fantastic very striking markings. I love the way guinea pig markings are often very geometric - straight lines, strips, and squares of colour. It appeals to my aesthetic taste
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Ohh they are beautiful!!!!
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Little piggies! They're so cute!
And they come with very strong teeth as I found out a couple of weeks ago.
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Oh, Look at the piggies!! My most exotic pet was a guinea pig named Gertrude. Shorthaired red and so cuuuuuute!!!!
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Oooo! I love them! I use to own 2 guinea pigs before I had cats. I miss them and their cute little noises.
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how can anyone resist that face
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Love the "calico" ones. But I prefer bunnies over pigs.
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I LOVE guinea pigs, right now I have 2 boys, Chewie and Charlie. Chewie is a brown Aby and Charlie is a tri color aby mix. They have a 38.5 sq ft cage and yes that isnt a typo.
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They are precious!!!
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that last photo is great!
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