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Could we train cat....

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to kill spider AND put it in toilet bowl? I'm arachnophobic
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Oliver eats them after the kill
Mmmm, protien! It's funny to see buggy legs hangin out of his mouth - I'm always like "uh, ya missed a little there.... yeah, no, other side" hahaha
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Yep Harry eats them up too! I had to take a bug from him earlier though; it was clearly dead and horrible looking. He kept playing with it round the floor and it freaked me out.
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haha my cats eat bugs all the time, but i have never heard of putting them in the toilet.. i wish though! \t
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At this exact second Mellow is going crazy chasing a fly around the apartment, one of the reasons we got him was at the shelter there were quite a few flys and he was having so much fun chasing them, and as we hate bugs, he is perfect, except he doesn't know what to do with them once they are down, so i normally have to squish them
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I had a girl who would put bugs in the dogs water bowl, not quite the toilet but at least they weren't running around the house
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I had one who HAD TO exhibit the kill, before downing it! All those little legs hanging out of her mouth, and waving goodbye ... and sometimes, BIGGER LEGS .... <<<CRINGE!!!!>>>

Overll I would have to agree -- the trick is, can you STOP them from eating them, once they have killed them? YECH.
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