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I have three siblings, and two of them are pretty insane. I avoid them but am very close to my sister.
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Yes. I have a sister three years older, a brother who died who was 2 years younger, and a little sister who's 10 years younger. My sisters and I aren't close. My older sister was a major snob to me before our brother died....she tried being nice to me afterward, but it just didn't "feel right" to me. My little sister is a brat! She doesn't get along with anyone....
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I have 2 sisters and 1 brother.

I am the youngest.

I am close to all of them.
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I have 1 older sister, 1 younger sister, 2 1/2 sisters younger and 1 1/2 brother younger.

We are all fairly close and the age range is 30 oldest and 5 for the youngest I am second oldest.
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By birth I am an only child. By Marriage I am the oldest of 5 kids. One step-brother is 3 months younger than me. Then it's girl, boy, girl. There is a 6 year difference between me and the youngest. My step-siblings and I are pretty different personailty wise so we really don't get along too well. It seems we go through stages where I get along better with one, then none, then a different one. If my Dad hadn't divorced his last wife I'd have another 2 step-brothers, again one 3 months younger and then 2 years younger.
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I have a twin sister and her name is Laura. We look the complete opposite!
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