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A Small Rant

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Sorry, I just wanted to rant about this a bit.

Every year my friends and I go on a vacation together. Me and three other single women. We have seen the Bahamas, Europe and Curacao together. We have never had a problem with booking. Well, this year we decided we were going to rent a condo/townhouse/home for a week down in North Carolina. I have contacted five different real esate companies, and none of them will rent to us because we are a non-family group!!!

A non family group!!! I am so upset by this, because we aren't related or married they won't give us the time of day. I think this is so ridiculous. So, I ask the one lady why this is, and she says it is hoe they protect the owners. Protect them from what? You would swear we were trying to rent the place to run a dating service or commit a crime. My dear god. We just want to have a nice affordable place to stay for our vacation. And we are being treated like leppers because we aren't part of a family, or in couples. Sheesh.

Sorry, I know there are some serious issues on the board right now, but I wanted to get that out.
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Where in NC are you hoping to go? In the local newspaper, you can find places for rent by the owners themselves. Let me find them.
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We were looking at the Outer Banks area. My cousin lives near by and she was going to visit us there while we were on vacation. I didn't think of looking in the paper! Thats a great idea. Thank you .
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Next time you talk to someone like that, ask them if your money isn't as good as a "family group's" money. It all spends the same.

I don't blame you for being mad Jamie. That's total discrimination. Heck, if nothing else you could tell them you are sisters. Different last names? Duh! We're getting away from the hubby's for the week!
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Well, that is weird. I have never heard of such a thing. Most places are out to make money..not be concerned about a freakin' FAMILY. Not just that, why don't they incorporate a DEPOSIT policy then? HELLO! Tell them you are all sisters or something like that and all married...that is why you have different last names. LIE!
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APARTMENTS FOR RENT-Northern Outer Banks, year round, 2brm, 2ba, 1040sf, washer & dryer hook ups, furnished or unfurnished new construction, central location, walk to shopping and beaches. Call Julie 252-453-9222 ext 8#

3-YEAR-OLD, 3 bd, 2 bath home located Woods Rd. Kitty Hawk. Fireplace, all appliances, no pets, $1,100 month. Deposit required. Call June or Quentin 473-5425.

SOUTHERN SHORES long term rentals, .4 mile to ocean; all beautifully appointed; four bedroom 2 1/2 bath, 2 car garage, hot tub, ocean views, $1,700/month available 4/1. 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath Chicahauk $1,700/month available 1/1. Call Tim 261-6400.

LOVELY 4 BEDROOM, 2 BATH unfurnished home in KDH. Available immediately for year round rental. Garage, W/D, four season porch, upgraded kitchen appliances. Close to Memorial, shopping, churches and sound. No Pets. Principals only $1,325.00 per month. 252-480-2411.

I am sure there are more out there to rent.

Good luck!
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HEY!! GMTA about the sister thing! I posted like at the SAME TIME YOU DID!
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Thanks Kellye, they're great, but we were looking at something with a slightly shorter stay. Like, only a week. Thats why we thought going through a real estate agency would be good.

carrie640 - I thought about lying, but most have policies in effect that if they catch you violating the lease, which this ould be a violation, then you can be evicted. And that would just not be good. I am sure my friends and I would be willing to come up with a larger security deposit to rent a place, but we weren't given that option, it basically came down to: Sorry. Non-Family group!

carrie640 and valanhb - great minds think a like I guess, I thought about the sisters angle, but we are all exactly he same age (within months) so I don't know if we can pull it off. Besides, that whole lying thing comes into effect. I hate lying.

It just seem silly to me that I want to give you my money for a service you provide, but you don't want it because I am not married or traveling with my family. (The you in this sentance is the Real Estate People in the Outer Banks area. )

Quite honestly, if it is about damages and the idea that single people are less aware of other people's property, they would hate to have my family renting off of them. They would destroy the place in a day forget what they could do in a week!

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Sounds very discrimantory to me!

You know come to think of it, some time back we were looking at Bed and Breakfasts' to stay at on a short trip to New Hampshire. And 99% of them said "sorry, only guests over the age of 12 welcomed". That infuriated me! My kids are well behaved, would not be destructive, are not loud, yet they were not welcome. Suffice to say, I wouldn't want to spend my money in a place which does not welcome children. Rubs me the wrong way completely.
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You should contact the NC attorney general's office. They are very good about checking into discrimination.
Emerald Isle is a nice little town about an hour away from the Outer Banks, with some really cool stuff to see in between. Fort Macon is pretty interesting, and several other historical sites are along the way. New Bern is also close to the Outer Banks, and it has some beautiful old homes, and a lot of good shopping and dining.
I live about an hour south of New Bern in Jacksonville, home of Camp Lejuene, USMC. It used to be a swamp.
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Oh Krazykat, you poor thing! We were stationed at Camp LeJeune from October '64-November'65. The whole family hated it.

As far as I know, my biological father is, still, there. He retired, about 20 years ago and stayed on.
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I am from Richmond, VA and was born in eastern NC. The deal with people in the Outer Banks not wanting to rent to non-family groups is because alot of high-school aged kids on summer break or college aged kids on spring break like to go there to party.
If you could convince the real estate agent that you are not of that age or mind-set and that you want to have a more relaxing time then you may have better luck finding a place.
I don't know how old you are but if you are older than the college age you may want to tell them that. Could help. Or...maybe a hotel room with a suite would work too instead of a house as a last resort.

Oh, and Emerald Isle is a cool place like was mentioned above, so is the Wilmington, NC area. But I would still try for Nags Head area. Nags Head is where the Wright Brothers memorial is and Kitty Hawk Sand Dune, lots of stuff to do but still a great place to relax.

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Yeah, katl8e, it really s**ks here, but this is where we make a good living. I guess we are here permanently, too. This is the 4th time we have come back here, we might as well stay. AAAHHH!!! Could someone just shoot me now, please?
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