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Smelly cat, smel-ly cat...

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Hello all!

4 month old Oliver has suddenly started farting up a storm. I've never smelled farts like this before. It's enough to make me run for the window, throw it open, lean my whole torso out and gasp for clean air.

Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little. But it amazes me that such a noxious odor is suddenly coming out of such a tiny cute little kitty.

His diet hasn't changed at all - he gets 1/4 cup of PurinaOne Healthy Kitten formula twice a day.

I mixed some food that my neighbor's cat (super picky little fella!) didn't like into Abigail's regular food. Abigail is doing fine, but I know that Oliver will munch out of her bowl sometimes if she lets him get away with it.

So here are my questions: Is the tiny bit of unfamiliar food that Oliver is getting out of Abigail's bowl likely to be causing his gas? If not that, then what could be doing it and, more importantly, should I be worried about it? Do kittens just get gassy and it's not something that should be a concern?

Secondly, is 1/2 cup per day of dry food enough for him? He wakes me up between 3 and 5 AM every morning trying to nurse - kneading me and sucking on wrinkles in my pajamas. I assumed this was a comfort thing, but when he does it in the AM it's far more frantic than it is when he does it while I'm reading or watching a movie. Could he be hungry?
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Has he been dewormed and/or checked for parasites? In my experience, gas like that has been caused by parasites.

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Agree. He probably needs to be dewormed again. We picked up a stray that farted so bad it was enough to make everyone leave the room. Turns out, he was loaded with worms. Best to deworm ALL the cats in your house, because if one does, mostly likely the all will. P-U!!!!
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All agreed he probably has worms. Ask vet for more de-wormer.
Mine needed several treatments and it is harmless my vet said.
This would also account for why your kitty is hungry.
Worms take away from the cat getting the nutrition.
Yep those kitty farts will clear the room. P U
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