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She's beautiful. I like the name Autumn. I think it suits her.
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Eithne, she is just friend Bobbie has a cat named Autumn....I've always loved that name!
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Well... so far Boomer and Scully are growling at the door, she has met Bumper who was fine with her (and likewise) until he tried to eat her food, she hissed, he hid behind me... Magnum broke through the door this morning and sniffed her and walked away and asked for breakfast as usual, so hopefully that is a good sign.
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I'm just now seeing this...she's beautiful! Congratulations to you and Matt!
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I go away for a couple of days and I miss this!! Wow Eithne..congratulations to you and Matt!! She is a beauty, I'm sure the boys will come around soon
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Aw, she's just beautiful, Eithne! Congratulations and welcome to Autumn!
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She is adorable!
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Hows she settling in, Eithne?
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She is doing good, we have a pet tent to bring animals out with you, it has mesh panels in the side and is a pop up type thing so have been letting her sit out here with us in it so they can meet with a barrier but see each other.

She is still hissing at them, Bumper still comes running, Magnum and Scully both just look at me and although Boomer hasn't approached her yet she spits and hisses as soon as she sees him
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and more pics (she isn't as cooperative for photos as the boys... yet )

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EEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE the 2nd to last photo of her!!
I'm so in love with her Eithne!
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Great new pictures!! She's a real doll
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Love it!...
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Awww, she is just beautiful! And what a sweet face. Congrats!
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Awww, I just love Autumn!! She's such a beauty. Bless your big heart for taking her into your family.
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I LOVE the new Autumn pics!
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Congrats on your new addition.
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She's absolutely GORGEOUS.

Congrats, Eithne!
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Oh my GOSH How beautiful is she!! Hopefully she'll stay with you because I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more pictures of her...
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Congrats on the new addition!! Sounds as though the boys are accepting her well.

I can't get over how much she looks like a kitty who came through our shelter named Banjo - he even had the same really dark fur around his toes!



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They do look very similar! Even the black and white whiskers
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What a lovely girl! She's got such beautiful eyes!
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I just adore her sweet little face!!!!!!
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