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Yes... another one

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Yes, we added number #5. As of now she is just a foster to make sure things work out, but I fell in love with one of my shelter cats, Autumn. She was a feral and very very slow to trust, as would be expected, but the big pink ‘caution while handling’ sign on her cage didn’t help people trust her for them to trust them. They declawed her hoping that, without being able to harm people, she would be adopted, but so far only two people have considered her and went on to adopt others. So, seen as I have handled ferals before, I was given that room as ‘mine’ and over the last 6 or so weeks, each week she has made a lot of progress with me. From allowing me to clean out her cage without smacking or biting, to allowing me to stroke her to sitting with me (and finally being allowed outside her cage) and then on Saturday she let me hold her in my arms and stretched up and pawed Matt when he came to pick me up… so… her she is (these are her shelter pics, I will take some as soon as she settles in)

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She's just precious Eithne Best of luck fostering her....Hmmm I bet she stays with you
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She is beautiful, I hope everything works out she looks like a little sweetheart!!
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Awwwwwwwwww look at that face!!!! How old is she Eithne? Her paws look like she still has some growing to do ......... but it could just be the pics .....

Heres sending some "Boys, love the new girl in the house so she can stay" VIBES

I hope it works out and she gets to stay with you ...... since she trusts you already ...... who will she sleep with tonigh?
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Look at that face! How could anyone resist?
Good luck with her. I hope things work out and she wont be a foster for long.
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How couldn't you take her in? I'm in love with her already!

Congrats sweetie!

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I already told them I wanted to adopt her, they suggested fostering first... it probably wont be a long term foster situation, we already love her... just to get the boys to agree

She is 2-4 according to the vet but they have known to be wrong, she was already adult looking when the shelter got her, so he is probably right. I think some of the paw fluff is just her long hair growing back (she was shaved in areas for shots / spay and declaw) so she is probably just growing that fur back in.

Right now, Bumps seems not to be too bothered, the other 3 hissed at the carrier but they haven't spent time together to tell. Bumps sleeps with us so she will be sleeping in her intro room next door.
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Awww Bumper is your little baby boy ..... isnt that ironic hes the first to accept ..... I think thats a great sign!
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oh Eithne, I am sooooo pleased you have taken her home. She is simply adorable

welcome to TCS Autumn
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Autumn is very beautiful, I hope she likes living with all those boys if not you could alway send one or two of them to me
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Awww I have a special place in my heart for this one, because my name IRL is Autumn! She's gorgeous!
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We are not completely sure if we will keep the name, I think she is too used to it as we do call them by name at the shelter, but he thinks we should change it, but doesn't know what to change it to

Maybe I should start a what she we call her thread, then he will dismiss every answer and call her Autumn
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She's seriously SO gorgeous! I cant wait to see her grow more & trust you and your boys. I know she's gonna rule the house, being the only girl kitty

Congrats Eithne!
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She's lovely! Good luck!
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Ooh, poor baby! Stuck in a shelter and declawed on top of it... Looks like she has found her personal angel! That fur is going to shed like crazy though--just wait, you'll be vacuuming till doomsday (not that you don't already, with five cats... but y'know.)

She's beautiful. Good luck on integrating her into your family.
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What a cutie!

And we use Kitties Best at our rescue.
And I use the clumping at home.
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She's gorgeous and I can't wait to see more pictures!

I love her name.
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and more pics...

OMG is that another cat?!?!

Phew he is gone

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Aww...I love those pictures you took at home! I'm going through "introductions" (still have the new one behind closed doors), so that disturbed/annoyed kitty face is pretty common around here these days. It cracks me up.

I think your new girl is just so pretty. Though I have fostered, I've never actually had a medium or long-haired kitty in any permanent way. I just adore those fluffy tabbies. As for all that hair...microfiber is where it's at.
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Congrats Eithne & Matt!! Move over boys, there's a girl in your midst!

I love the look on her face when she flattens her ears back, she looks so....smug!
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Oh, Eithne, what a pretty kitty. Autumn is just a sweet love. I hope she's happy with you and the boys and they accept her quickly. She's just a love.
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She's a heartbreaker. I think we've all fallen in love with that little face. I love the toe puffs too!

I hope she's very happy with her new family. How exciting!
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Ooh, she's so fluffy and soft looking. Should have named her Charmin - so squeezably soft.
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She is gorgeous!!
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Originally Posted by gemlady View Post
Ooh, she's so fluffy and soft looking. Should have named her Charmin - so squeezably soft.
I don't fancy trying to squeeze her to see if that is true
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She's adorable, I wish we had room for another cat
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awww i love that look on the face in that last one
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OMG what a cutie sending good luck vibes in the hope you get to keep her
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Congrats Eithne!!! So glad you've got a chance to bring her home and see what happens she is a lovely lovely girl
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so cute so cute
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