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heart disease

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Hi- I'm writing about my cat oreo. I take him to the vet routinely, every 6 months to a year. This past check up a couple weeks ago the vet noticed a heart murmur. It wasnt there before, so she ordered a echocardiogram. Turns out he has some heart disease, mild she said. But supposedly its congential. When oreo was a year old, we got a letter from the shelter saying that one of oreo's littermates had died of a heart related issue. I thought we were in the clear after 4 years went by and there were no issues. So I'm nervous, especially since the vet wants a repeat echo every 6 months to monitor for changes (this one was $250). I guess the repeats are cheaper, but still!
anyways, I'm nervous, but I'm glad my kitty is generally ok and was nice to the vet.
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I would do alot of research on your own
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My Persian was diagnosed with heart disease at 1.5 yrs old. He passed away this year at 11 yrs old. It is possible to live many years with heart disease.
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