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ember and indie

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here are a few pics of indie and our new fur baby ember - enjoy


Hard to think this is Day 4 of them both living in the same about fast bonding
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Gorgeous babies They've bonded quickly just like Rosie and Sophie did with Jack so that's a great sign!
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Wow, congratulations! That IS a fast friendship and they look SOOOO cute together! Thanks for sharing the pix and keep us up to date with the latest, won't you?
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What a pretty kitty, I love black cats , it is so nice to see them cuddle
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I love the first picture! Looks just like Chococat!

And thats after 4 days?! If only they all got on that quick.
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OH! That's WONDERFUL that they are getting along so quickly!
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Bonding is a wonderful word!!
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Awww Congratulations ... they are fast friends ........ what absolute cutie pies
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What absloute doll babies!!

And so awesome that they are such good buddies already!
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That is so sweet
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