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Cat with diarrhea

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Hi everyone. I have an adult cat, about 3 years old, who has bad diarrhea. She has had it for about the last year on and off. I have taken samples to my vet and she did other testing and said everything was fine. I tried a diet of chicken but that did not help though she might have been eating the other kitties food without me knowing. I am giving her Royal Canin food and am just getting frusterated. She was also on sensible choice and nutramax. Her poop is very runny and smells just horrible. A lot of times she misses the litter box and man what a mess!! My husband is about at his witts ends and it is almost to the point of keeping him or her (hee hee). She is a very sweet cat and I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any advise on a supplement or different food maybe. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much
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Two of ours had very bad diarrhea. We gave them canned pumpkin (not pie filling, plain pumpkin) mixed in their food. Flavorless metamucil (not the orange flavored). It's pretty hard to find. The vet gave them flagyl for a while. I switched them to PetGuard food. One ate chicken and wheat germ; the other ate venison and rice. We had consults with experts. Eventually, it went away. I'm now afraid to change their food. We did stop the meds and the pumpkin.

I wish you tons of luck. Its a bad problem.
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For months when I got Maisie she had terrible squits. After much too-ing and fro-ing to the vets and no answer, I discovered it all seemed to be down to stress.

Since then she has only had it when I`ve tried to change her food so she has to have the same flavour of the same brand all the time but I add chicken once a day to keep her interested.

Do you think there could be anything stressing her out? Does it coincide with any food changes or events in the home? Does she get on with your other cats?

I think it`s important to get her on a bland diet to give her tummy a chance to settle andthen maybe gradually try reintroducing one type of food at a time and see what happens.

Maisie had a few pouches of Royal Cannin and loved it so I bought 2 boxes at great expense ( It`s not cheap here! ), only for her to refuse to eat it!

I hope you work out what it is.
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I'm going through the same thing with my cat Moose at the moment. I'm in the process of switching him to Royal Canin from SD for sensitive stomachs. Have you tried probiotics? He's also taking probiacin from the vet, seems to help a bit although the stools are still somewhere between loose and diarrhea. I never thought diarrhea could have so many dimensions. I've also heard orijens food mentioned here, sounds like it could be worth a try.
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