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RIP Sebastian

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Some of you have already read about Sebastian passing away ... it was posted in the Pregnant Cat/Kitten forum.

He was only 7-8 weeks old, and one of the bottle babies I took in several weeks ago. He was one that we were going to keep, because he reminded us so much of our RB kitten, Oliver Felix.

We still don't know what happened, Sebastian was playing and happy the night before, but when I woke up yesterday morning he was cold and could hardly stand up. I held him for a long time and he just sat and cried and yelled and stared at me. He never stopped staring at me. I cried harder every time he yelled, and just sat and held him and pet him.

Finally, I told him it was ok to go if he had to, and to go find the other kitties and dogs that are already at the Bridge. He took one more breath, and was gone... still never stopped staring at me. I buried him in our garden, so he'll always be nearby.

Sebastian's favorite thing was to climb up on the bed, walk across my leg and curl up on my side. Early this morning, I was still in bed not quite ready to get up yet. All of as sudden I could feel what felt like tiny feet walking across my leg and stop at my side. A check revealed none of the other kitties were there.... but I knew that already anyway. It was my little fuzzy boy letting me know he's ok, I'm sure of that.

RIP sweet Sebastian, you weren't on this earth very long but you were very very loved by your daddy and I.

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OMG!!! What a heartbreaking story! I am so sorry Britni. I think it is wonderful though that you felt his presence with you this morning. He will always be with you!

btw... one of my boys' is named Sebastian. And he looks JUST like your Sebastian!

I hope you heal soon!
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I'm sure your little Sebastian came by to tell you he's OK. So many are there to take care of him.

I'm so sorry for your loss. He knew wonderful love and care, even if for a short time.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace sweet baby.
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OMIGOSH I am SO SORRY to hear that sweet little Sebastian had to go on ahead -- that is so sad. And it is uncanny, too -- several years ago, I adopted a little tuxedo kitten who'd been found on the street by friends who couldn't keep her, and was very young and in need. She checked out just fine, and got her first series of kitten shots. Shortly afterwards, she was gone, one night before I could get her in for an appt. to check her out again. I believe it was FIP due to the sudden symptoms that appeared out of nowhere; she'd gotten the nasal vaccine and, I believe, was one of the percentage who actually develop FIP FROM the vaccine. It was the same sort of scenario you describe -- healthy, bouncy, playful and loving one minute, and mysteriously gone the next.

You have my deepest sympathy.
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I am sorry you lost your sweet baby, it was so sudden I'm sure those little feet you felt were him .
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It is so hard and painful to lose these babies, but, even tho his life was short it was extremely happy, and he knew what it meant to be a treasured pet, and he died in your arms and not out in the dirt somewhere alone. Sometimes that is all the time we get with them, and as a very wise rescuer told me years ago when I first got into this, sometimes all we can do is make them comfortable while they leave this world.
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rest in peace Sebastian. Play well at the bridge.
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Britini-I am so sorry!!!

Sebastian RIP!!
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He was precious, thanks for sharing that sweet picture of him. May he have fun forever playing at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I´m so sorry about it....
RIP little one..
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