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Lonely kitty? Should I get another?

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So I have a 10 yr old Golden Retriever who I've had since she was a puppy, and almost a year ago I adopted a kitten (who is now exactly 1 yr old). The dilemma I'm now struggling with is whether I should get another kitten mainly for the reason that I THINK that my cat wants/needs a feline companion. He's becoming increasingly clingy (which flatters me, because he obviously likes me the most hahaha), but it also worries me because he runs around like a crazy who doesn't have anything to do. He tries to play with the dog, but she just doesn't care enough to play so he kind of looks to me and I gladly play with him, but it's difficult since he's one of those bitey kitties who play rough. Also, I fostered two 5 wk old kittens for a rescue I volunteer for and after the initial 2-3 days of hissing, my cat started playing/wrestling with them seemingly having a really good time.

Sooooooooo what are your opinions? Do you think he needs a FELINE companion or no?

The cons are that I live in a 800 sq ft apt (no roomies), I don't think I can incorporate another litterbox, but it can be done if need be, I might be moving 2-3 times in the next 8-10 years (major con?). On the other hand, I add another bundle of joy and my current kitty would possibly hopefully be more occupied/happier/exercise more etc. I honestly don't think the dog would be affected because she just lays around the apt, when she goes outside, it's a different story.There are no financial reasons why I wouldn't be able to take care of another kitten. heh, sorry about the long post. Thanks for any advice!
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I do suggest another, so long as you can afford one. Perhaps go for a year old kitty, the same age works well. And you can add cat trees to make your place bigger.
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Well, my motto is - one can never have too many cats!

I especially like the T-shirt that says: "Cats are like potato chips - you can't have just one!"

Seriously, I would opt for another cat, in the same age-range. The reason I suggest another cat around the same age is b/c when I adopted Winchester, he was still a "baby" (compared to my other cats, that is!), and he just about drove Maverick & Gabriel nuts b/c he wanted to play all the time, and they didn't! (they were pratically two old men by then! ). So I got another kitten for Winchester to play with, and then EVERYONE was happy again!

As far as moving is concerned, I wouldn't worry too much about that! I had to move 6 times in a three-year time-span, (lloooong story!), and even though the cats did get a little stressed out from all the moving, they did adjust pretty well. Most cats don't necessarily like moving around too much, but they will adjust.

I say - the more, the merrier!!

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I'd get a companion cat - maybe one about 6 months to 1 yr old. You may or may not have to get a 2nd litter pan. Ling and Charlie share the same one without problems. Its just a larger and deeper pan.

I don't think you'd have any problems considering he adjusted to foster kittens pretty quickly
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Like I said I've been contemplating this little question for awhile now, and I'm kind of glad to get some support. My boyfriend was mainly worried about me being able to find a place to live w/ 2 cats and a dog and my tendency to want to move (heh...). It was hard enough finding a place for just the dog , but I think it just might be because of where I'm located.

Now I just have to wait for the perfect kitty to show up....I've been thinking about a kitten 6 months to 1 year old, but do you guys think a younger kitten would be easier to adjust to? more so than a 6m-1yr old? Like I mentioned, my cat has only been exposed to 5-6 week old tiny little kittens, and he's a bit skittish by nature.

Thanks again!
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I wouldn't worry about space; my apartment is smaller than yours and my 2 cats get along fine, though I do wish there was more space.

You may have to find another spot for a littler box. That is what I ended up having to do. It sucks, but it does make things easier.

I'd recommend getting a cat closer to age 1. When I got Possum (because I thought Loki was lonely) he was 1 1/2, and Loki was a few months over 2. I think an older cat would be easier because it will be at the same stage (or close to it) as your cat.

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i would definalty suggest another kitty, its addicting to own them, i wish i could have another but i also live in a one bedroom apartment with three cats, it just would not work out. haha The cats that are close in age play together allll the time, they groom eachother, sleep together and everything, its adorable.
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Oh yes, cats NEED buddies for sure.
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Yea, if I had known that owning cats would turn out to be so addictive....I probably would have waited and gotten another dog instead. It's a slippery slope . Anyway, followup question, anyone have advice on whether I should get a female or male kitten? I'm currently looking, but nothing has jumped out at me so far. It's difficult to find a cat older than a couple months that's comfortable with big dogs. Thanks!
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Please, do not focus on sex. Look for purr-sonality. I help adoptees choose the right kitty. Often, they pick their certain "color & sex" only for the cat's purr-sonality to be wrong. Sex makes no difference.

I've introduced adult cats to dog successfully. My Molly was 1 y/o when I got her & she got used to the dogs.
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That's what I've been doing (looking at personality). Mainly, I'm most concerned about introducing an older cat to the dog *shrugs* other than that I'm just looking for the perfect one. And I know what you mean when you talk about people adopting based on sex/color. I volunteer for a private rescue and I'm heartbroken whenever the adopters pick the "pretty" ones and not the black one with lots of personality. My little one is a solid black DMH and I love him to death. The decision to get another one is to give HIM a playmate...course it helps that I secretly want about 3 more.......
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My personal experience tells me that another male, just a bit younger and able to ride with the introduction crazies, would be the best choice - just not one that seems to be particularly dominant in personality (don't want him to just walk in and take over after all). I've always run into problems later on when it comes to females, in terms of the males wanting to dominate as they get older, and the females not always being terribly warm towards me (my husband, yes, but not me!).
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I agree with needing a buddy - they're such social creatures. I had Jonah all by his lonesome in an apt. and he'd be just yowling at us by the time we got home, he was so starved for attention. Once we got Misha we'd come home and they'd stroll by after awhile, yawning, as if to say "oh it's you - you're home eh?". He was definitely MUCH happier. Now that they're gone and we just got little Isaac, I expect he'll need a little friend sooner or later...
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My cat, Faith, was 1 year old when I got her a playmate, Hope, who was 8 weeks. It was touch and go for awhile. It took 2 weeks, almost to the day, until she would play with Hope. There was much hissing and hiding and ignoring. Then one day Faith chased her and then allowed her on the bed with us that night. NOT TOUCHING HER MIND YOU! They are now almost 2 years and 10 months respectively. They chase each other around the house and groom each other. Faith likes to pretend she is just tolerating Hope sometimes, but when Hope is outside or I am giving her a bath (I do that) Faith is a nervous wreck. like "What are you doing to her??? or Where is she??" I'm happy I got Faith a playmate.
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