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Cat that jumps on cars- Is there a cure ?

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I have a neighbor who has a female cat, about 2 years old, that likes to jump on cars in our condo parking lot. Needless to say, a lot of our neighbors aren't too happy about it. I found one thread about it during a search, but no remedys were given. I have 3 cats, and they have never jumped on cars. I told her I would post it on here for her to see if anyone had any ideas about how to stop this behavior. Can anyone help her out ? Thanks
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Only sure-fire solution that I know of: Keep the cat(s) INDOORS.

Other than that, cats will pretty much go where they want to. You can't tell them what to do like you can a dog.
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I agree. Although I do not understand why some people value their cars more than life.
BTW, I like it when my car has all these little paw prints all over it.
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Chances are someone who lives there is going to get PO'd enough to make sure that cat stays off their car. I also would keep the kitty inside to prevent damage to other people's property and danger to the cat.

Last week we stayed at a friend's cottage and they let their dog run loose. He constantly goes in the next door neighbor's yard and onto their deck (very small lots). I asked her how they feel about that and she said she really didn't care how they felt about it. It just amazes me that people think their animals have more rights than property owners. BTW -- I later heard that the husband next door said it "drives his wife crazy" when the dog is always in their yard and on their deck.
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There's a cat in my complex that sits on people's cars. I don't mind it. Some have complained about it, but no one would hurt the cat.

The best solution I can think of is for the owner to train the cat. *Every* time she sees the cat on a car, she should say "no" in a loud, even voice and calmly lift the cat off onto the ground. If the cat gets right back up, repeat the process. It's the same way you teach a cat not to go on kitchen counters or tables.

Needless to say, the cat shouldn't be allowed to go on the owner's car either.

The results may not be 100 percent, but after a couple of months it should cut back on the behavior significantly. It can be a frustrating and repetitive process for the human, but if you're absolutely consistent and keep at it, it will work.
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Just did an article on this. Here are some solutions that were offered by different cat people

Helium balloons tied to the car's hood and doors
Cheap adhesive shelf lining- peeled, placed sticky side up weighted down so when the cat jumps up there and her paws stick, she doesn't leave with half the paper still clinging to her paws.
The Scarecrow (expensive but worth it)
Peel and grate orange peels, sprinkle them around the car
Spray citronella
Use the litter out that is citrus scented, sprinkle that around the car
Soak some rags in a combination of lemon juice and vinegar, leave the saturated rags around the car. You will really have a lemon then
There is a cat repellant called Get Off My Garden, it is a gel and it works
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